The It List: A new 'Clifford the Big Red Dog' movie, Netflix's 'Passing' tackles race and identity and more pop culture picks for the week.

This week on The It List: Paramount+ has a new Clifford the Big Red Dog movie based on the beloved children's book, while Netflix is offering up Passing, director Rebecca Hall's portrait of two mixed-race women in 1920s New York. Over on Amazon Prime, the docuseries Always Jane takes a look at the life of a transgender teen and her supportive family.

Video Transcript


- The It List is Yahoo's weekly look at the best in pop culture. Here are our picks for the week of November 8th. Clifford the Big Red Dog is getting a movie makeover on Paramount Plus. The children's book is being brought to the screen with a mix of live action and CG animation and features a very red, and of course, very big dog, who is living with his human Emily Elizabeth in New York City.


- Clifford. No, no fetch.

- Oh, no.

- Clifford!

- No, no, no. That doggie.


- Aah!

- Oh.


- This dog is killing me.


- Netflix is passing stars Tessa Thompson and Ruth Negga as two mixed race women, who grew up together before their lives headed down different paths. The film is set in 1920s New York where the pair reunite and discover that, while one has been living as a Black woman, the other has been passing for white.

- I'm trying to find out the history of the blonde you've brought along.

- She's a girl from Chicago, I used to know.

- Princess from Chicago?

- Things aren't always what they seem.

- A new docuseries on Amazon Prime, called Always Jane, is focusing on the life of a transgender teen. The four part docuseries series follows Jane Noury, as she makes her way through high school, pursues a modeling career, and prepares for her gender confirmation surgery, all with the help of a supportive family.

- She taught everybody how important it is to be who you are. She's amazing. I mean she sucks, but that's just because she's my sister.

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