The It List: Ben Affleck and Ana de Armas star in 'Deep Water,' a new Netflix competition show asks, 'Is It Cake?' and more pop culture picks for the week.

This week on The It List: The Ben Affleck and Ana de Armas thriller Deep Water premieres on Hulu, over a year after it was originally supposed to launch. Meanwhile, Netflix is premiering a new competition show called Is It Cake? where creative cake designer contestants try to stump a panel by making cakes that look like everyday objects. Finally, a new Netflix crime docuseries called Bad Vegan: Fame. Fraud. Fugitives. tells the story of a New York vegan restaurant owner who falls into a life of crime.

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"Deep Water" is finally making its way to screens. The Ana de Armas and Ben Affleck thriller is based on a 1957 Patricia Highsmith novel, and was originally scheduled for release in late 2020-- way back when the two leads were still dating, and "Bennifer" was a distant memory from the early aughts. The movie tells the story of a marriage where infidelity leads to murder.

- I just wanna feel joy in my life.

- You wanna tell me why you didn't come home last night?

- Not really.

- This isn't a game, Melinda.

- It's always been a game.


- Over on Netflix, get ready for a new competition show called, "Is It Cake?" The name kind of says it all, as some very talented cake artists do their best to fool a panel into thinking their cakes are everyday objects.

- Oh.

- One of these is a cake?

- We're not agreeing. This isn't working.

- Enter into your key pad!

- All right.

- 1.


- They gave an idiot a machete.

- Oh, you're gonna cut it?

- Oh!

- Oh, this show's awesome!



- If you're looking for weird, Netflix offers up a new true crime docuseries that starts with raw vegan food, and ends with an order of Domino's pizza. "Bad Vegan-- Fame. Fraud. Fugitives." tells the strange story of a prominent New York vegan restaurateur who turns to a life of crime after falling for a man who promises to make her dog immortal.

- Police say junk food led them to the fugitives.

- When I heard she got caught ordering pizza in Pigeon Forge, Tennessee, I got the popcorn out. Like, let's do this.

- Who cares about their pizza? What happened to the money?

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