Lisan al Gaib to Rule Both Arrakis and Warner Bros.

Timothee Chalamet (and Josh Brolin) in Dune: Part Two. - Image: Warner Bros.
Timothee Chalamet (and Josh Brolin) in Dune: Part Two. - Image: Warner Bros.
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As it was written, the Lisan al Gaib has gone from ruling Arrakis, to the galaxy, to Warner Bros. Studios in Burbank, California. That’s where a young, powerful ruler by the true name of Timothée Chalamet has inked a new deal with the studio that’ll allow him to star in and produce feature films.

Say it with us now, Stilgar: ”LISAN AL GAIB!”

Yes, it’s another big win for the Dune: Part Two and Wonka superstar who just signed a multi-year, first-look deal at Warner Bros. “Working with Mike De Luca, Pam Abdy, and their teams on Wonka and Dune over these last few years has been a deeply rewarding experience,” the actor said in a press release. “These are studio heads who believe in real movie making, and I’m so grateful for their support as an actor, producer and collaborator. This partnership feels like a natural next step. Let’s go!”

Can’t you just kind of hear Chalamet tacking on that “Let’s go?” What a move. “LISAN AL GAIB!”

“Over the last few years, we have admired not only Timothée’s commitment to his craft, which is evident in the range and depth of his varied roles, but also his unwavering dedication to give 100% of his time and attention to every project he has made here at Warner Bros. and elsewhere,” CEOs De Luca and Abdy said. “His collaboration on the campaigns for Dune and Wonka is something we all enjoyed immensely, and the results speak for themselves. We continue to build for the future of the theatrical film business at Warner Bros. Discovery and are thrilled Timothée has chosen our studio to be his creative home.” “LISAN AL GAIB!”

They didn’t say that last part, we added it in.

So yeah, for the next few years, whenever Chalamet and his team consider a new movie, Warner Bros. will have the first shot at making it. That obviously includes Dune Messiah, which is all but assured to be made with Chalamet and the studio in the next few years... whenever writer-director Denis Villeneuve is ready. For now though, Chalamet is filming Indiana Jones director James Mangold’s new movie, A Complete Unknown, in which he plays Bob Dylan... as it was written.

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