All about Lisa Vanderpump’s Two Kids, Pandora and Max

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All about Lisa Vanderpump’s Kids, Pandora and MaxPandora Vanderpump - Instagram
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Lisa Vanderpump has played a motherly role to many, many cast members on her many, many reality shows (never forget the Emmy-robbed Vanderpump Dogs). But as for her actual children IRL? That would be Pandora Vanderpump and Max Vanderpump-Todd. Here's absolutely everything you need to know about 'em—yw!

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Pandora Vanderpump, 37

Lisa's first child, Pandora, was born on May 7, 1986, in the Westminster area of London, England, which sounds every bit as fancy as it likely was. She came into the world roughly four years after her parents got married, and she's always been super close to them. (FYI, Lisa and Ken Todd's backstory is truly so iconic. Like, they legit met at a nightclub six weeks before getting engaged and then got married three months after that.)

Pandora wound up marrying husband Jason Sabo in August 2011 (yes, her Vegas bachelorette party was iconic, and yes, you can still watch it on season 2 of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. The actual wedding itself, however, was held at Lisa and Ken’s g-o-r-g-e-o-u-s Beverly Hills home.

The entrepreneur eventually went on to welcome her first and only son, Theodore Wolf Sabo, on November 8, 2021 (Lisa no doubt culled major inspo from his name for her latest restaurant, Wolf). At the time, Pandora announced her bb's birth on Instagram alongside a black-and-white snap of her and Jason holding his hand.

"Your entrance into this world was the best day of our entire lives and your daddy and I are so thankful that you are here, healthy and happy. You are so loved little Teddy!" the caption sweetly read.

Obvi, every Vanderpump family member is well versed in the world of ~reality television~, and both Pandora and her son are no different. In fact, the latter made his big debut in season 10, episode 5 of Vanderpump Rules when he spent some time with his grandmother. "I absolutely worship the ground that this baby has never walked on," Lisa gushed during a confessional moment. "I'm loving having a grandchild. I make no groans about being a proud grandmother."

However, Pandora and Lisa don't just spend time in front of the camera together. They *also* do business together behind the scenes. Enter: their wine venture, which first began with a sangria recipe Lisa shared with Pandora that wound up becoming LVP Sangria in 2013. "It took quite a while to get it exactly how we wanted it,” Pandora told the Los Angeles Business Journal in 2014 about the project. “We wanted something that tasted and looked like a very authentic Spanish sangria, but then again, we’re bottling it so we wanted it to be shelf stable.”

Eventually, the product was followed up with the creation of Vanderpump Wines, which first made the mother-daughter duo's rosé available before cabernet sauvignon and chardonnay were introduced. According to Lisa, it was a venture that made perfect sense for her and Pandora. “Our family has been drinking dry rosé well before it was ‘trendy’ in America. Living in the South of France 15 years ago, beautiful Provence-style rosé had been free-flowing and featured in every meal,” she dished to Wine Enthusiast. Obsessed.

Max Vanderpump-Todd, 32

Lisa's second child Max was born on December 7, 1991, and adopted a year later in 1992 when he was an infant in foster care. During an honest season 7 episode of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, Lisa herself opened up about how she came to the decision.

“I knew very well that I could have more children biologically, but the adoption was my choice,” she explained before adding, “And we heard of Max, who was in foster care, and I just wanted him. I just said I’d have him before I even got there.” We're not crying, you are!

Fast-forward to more recent years, and Lisa and Max's 'ship (along with his personal life) has played out on screen throughout a buncha seasons of Vanderpump Rules. Case in point? In season 10 of the hit show, it was revealed that he worked as the manager of Tom Tom, aka the restaurant his mother owns with Tom Sandoval and Tom Schwartz.

Additionally, just this past February during a convo with The Daily Dish, Tom Schwartz revealed that Max had taken on a new job title: “Max is our [general manager]…It feels like family in there.”

As for his other interests, back in September 2022, Max began to chronicle how boxing has improved his life for the better. “My life has changed significantly in the last year,” he shared in a candid Instagram post. “Boxing has become a love and lifestyle. With it comes not only physical strength but mental. There remains a good deal of discipline to be accomplished by me. It will never be enough.”

Aaaaaaand that's pretty much all we know for now, but dw! We're gonna leave you with this sweet pic of the siblings while Pandora was pregnant with her first bb 🥺❤️:

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