Lisa Vanderpump and Ken Todd Accused in Class Action Lawsuit of Not Paying Their Eateries' Employees

Lisa Vanderpump is being sued for allegedly “not paying wages” or “providing meal breaks.”

Former employee Adam Pierce Antoine filed the class action lawsuit on Dec. 16 on behalf of himself as well as a number of other former employees, accusing Vanderpump, 59, and her husband Ken Todd of violating a number of California labor laws — something Antoine claims has gone on for at least 4 years.

According to the court documents, obtained by PEOPLE, Vanderpump — who owns the famed West Hollywood, California restaurants SUR, Villa Blanca, Tom Tom, and Pump — has failed to “pay wages, including overtime wages.”

Antoine alleges that when restaurant staffers worked over 8 or 12 hours in a work day or more than 40 hours in a workweek they were not properly compensated.

The lawsuit also accuses Vanderpump of “manipulating or editing time records to show lesser hours than actually worked.”

Antoine also accuses Vanderpump of not paying minimum wages for hours that were worked off the clock, during training or when an employee was on call, according to the lawsuit.

Lisa Vanderpump | MediaPunch/Shutterstock
Lisa Vanderpump | MediaPunch/Shutterstock

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Additionally, during Antoine’s workday, he was not provided proper meal or rest breaks, he claims in the court documents.

According to California labor laws, which is stated in the lawsuit, “no employer shall employ and employee for a work period more than (5) hours without a timely meal break of not less than (30) minutes in which the employee is relieved of all of his or her duties.”

According to Antoine, Vanderpump failed to comply with this law and also did not provide two 30 minute breaks for employees when they worked more than 10 hours a day. This same law applies for rest breaks. An employee must be given up to 20 and 30 minutes of rest breaks if working more than 6 hours.

The law states that if breaks are not given, employees will be compensated, which Antoine says in the court documents never happened.

In the lawsuit, Antonine also alleges that employees were not paid for the time they worked after being fired. He later claims Vanderpump also failed to provide employees with pay stubs.

Lisa Vanderpump and Ken Todd | Chelsea Lauren/REX/Shutterstock
Lisa Vanderpump and Ken Todd | Chelsea Lauren/REX/Shutterstock

As a result of the alleged infractions, Antoine says he has “suffered damages in an amount subject to proof” and is owed over $25,000.

Vanderpump did not immediately respond to PEOPLE’s request for comment.

Page Six was first to report the lawsuit.

News of the lawsuit comes after a silver Ferrari drove into the patio area of PUMP.

The vehicle crashed through the railings edging the outdoor area, leaving shattered glass scattered throughout the scene, according to KNBC.

One person was sent to the hospital following the accident, KTLA reports, although it’s unclear what injuries the victim sustained.

Cast of Vanderpump Rules | Landon Nordeman
Cast of Vanderpump Rules | Landon Nordeman

Vanderpump reacted to the crash on Twitter, making light of the scenario while also voicing that she’s grateful no one was harmed.

“No. We are not a Drive-Thru. Thank God no one was hurt,” the former Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star tweeted, sharing two photos from the aftermath of the incident.

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Vanderpump’s husband, Todd, said he spoke with the driver involved in the “massive crash,” and revealed that one customer had “minor cuts.”

“He said that somebody cut him off,” Todd, 62, told TMZ. “… Accidents happen, you know, and I take everything, rough or smooth. He couldn’t help it, it was an accident.”

“These things happen,” he added. “… It’s just life.”