Lisa Rinna Reveals "What People Don't Know About Harry Hamlin"

In April 2020, Lisa Rinna raved about Harry Hamlin's culinary skills, explaining to the Los Angeles Times, “He’s cooking for us, which is a godsend." Now, The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills cast member is opening up about even more of her husband's impressive feats.

"Harry Hamlin is a renaissance man... What people don't know about Harry Hamlin is he's somewhat of a MacGyver. He can do anything and everything," Lisa shared on a recent episode of Live With Kelly and Ryan. "During quarantine, he has grown many gardens in our yard. We have every kind of vegetable almost known to man out there in Beverly Hills, believe it or not."

"He's super excited about broccoli," she added. "Because I understand broccoli's not very easy to grow."

Last year, Lisa often took to Instagram to document her husband's progress on his beloved garden, which also includes rosemary, lettuce, carrots, and more. In one video, she showed off Harry standing next to a grapefruit tree with a homemade grapefruit picker. "We lost our grapefruit picker, I looked everywhere for it, " he explained. "I got one of those old trimmer things that we had around ... I took the head off of it; I took a couple lampshades that we were throwing out. Took the insides of lampshades and bent 'em down, and put that on the top. It's perfect for pickin' grapefruits."

Harry's skills don't stop there. In the Los Angeles Times interview, Lisa also raved about her love being especially handy around the house. “First of all, the washer broke, the dishwasher broke, and we had a leak in the basement for the water heater,” she said. “And Harry fixed all three. First of all, we’re protecting Harry at all costs."

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