Lisa Rinna Denies New Lip Injections: ‘It Goes Up and Down’

On Watch What Happens Live! Lisa Rinna shot down speculation that she’s recently had work done.

At two separate times during the show, viewers asked if the 53-year-old Real Housewife of Beverly Hills had cosmetically upgraded parts of her body. Andy Cohen read the question: “Lisa’s upper lip looks way plumpy, did she do more to the upper lip?” Rinna replied “No, heck no.” Despite the adamant denial, Rinna did acknowledge that her lips go through changes, saying, “it goes up and down, you know that.”

Rinna has admitted to getting lip injections in 1986, and in the years since, her famously full pout has been her signature look again and again and again. For fans who might doubt her claims on Watch What Happens Live!, here’s a side-by-side comparison with a photo Rinna posted last week – you be the judge.


Later on the show, another viewer had another cosmetics-related question: “Does Rinna have new boobs? They look awesome.” Rinna blamed the awesomeness on pads, before saying that “It’s all an illusion. … I can do many things.”

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