Lisa Marie Presley Looked VERY Shaky At Golden Globes Before Cardiac Arrest


Lisa Marie Presley didn’t look herself the night of the awards show, just hours before she went into cardiac arrest -- and video footage shows her not steady on her feet.

Lisa Marie Presley Was Shaky On Golden Globe Night

Elvis’s daughter was in high gear all night and the importance and impact of the night might have aided in her cardiac arrest. A new video making the rounds shows the singer needing assistance to get down a small set of steps ahead of the show.


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Thankfully, award-winner Austin Butler was there to assist her and walk her over to the red carpet area but the moment he let her hand go, she was shaky and looked like she was ready to fall over.

Another video of Lisa Marie hours after the broadcast, after the red carpet, showed similar shakes. It’s after Butler’s big win and Presley is speaking about what the movie has meant to her but even in this video she doesn’t seem all there. Her speech is slow, and her body language seems off.

It could be the high of the night because Lisa has not shared any ailments with her fans in the past few years which would indicate that a heart attack or behavior like this was on the horizon for her.

Lisa Marie Rushed To The Hospital

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The actress has rushed to the hospital a few hours ago in full cardiac arrest. Paramedics performed CPR at her residence in Calabasas before being transported to a nearby hospital. Her current condition is unknown.

The 54-year-old singer has three children including daughter Riley Keough, an actress. A rep for the actress has not spoken out yet but we know that Lisa Marie was extremely emotional all night as her father was being memorialized via Butler in the form of a Golden Globe win.

the moment blew fans away for a handful of reasons; the most common being that Butler's voice wasn't his actual voice. He spoke with a southern drawl like the flashy musician himself.

Presley Family Tragedy

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The actor paid tribute to Elvis's widow and daughter in his speech and it was like the Honky Tonk man was speaking himself.

“The Presley family, thank you guys for opening your hearts, your memories, your home to me,” he said while looking at the tight-knit family in the crowd. “Lisa Marie and Priscilla, I love you forever.” Elvis passed away at 42 in 1977 from what many believe was a heart attack while on the toilet.

Lisa Marie owned and operated Elvis Presley Enterprises until 2005 when she sold the whole portfolio. She still remains the owner of Graceland, Elvis's Memphis home before he passed.

Tragedy has plagued this family recently with Lisa Marie's son Benjamin dying by suicide at age 27. this family could really use a break.