Lisa Hochstein Reveals Relationship With Jody Glidden’s Ex-Wife

Photo by: Charles Sykes/Bravo via Getty Images
Photo by: Charles Sykes/Bravo via Getty Images
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Lisa Hochstein had a pretty eventful 2023. Almost 12 months after Lenny Hochstein filed for divorce, she confirmed a brand new relationship with another man. Jody Glidden is the lucky guy who now pays Lisa’s bills and he comes with a kid and an ex-wife.

While the Real Housewives of Miami star has been juggling her two children and life in a new home, she’s also fully welcomed Jody into her realm. He appears to be patient, understanding, and free with his wallet, so for now she’s going to keep him around. With a fresh relationship comes new dynamics – dealing with new people and former spouses. Now Lisa is getting to know … the ex. Us Weekly has the details.

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Getting into a new relationship mid-divorce found Lisa facing some harsh statements, but she’s coming out of it. “I’ve had a lot of backlash. But you got to remember, this was months and months down the line that I entered a relationship with Jody. We didn’t become serious until months and months later. So I didn’t just jump into a relationship. And if you find the right person, why would you throw that away,” Lisa said.

Also, if you find another person to pay your rent, why would you throw that away? Lisa is no dummy, after all. She’s also not looking to marry Jody immediately after her divorce is final and says, “We’re good right now.”

But just because they aren’t getting hitched doesn’t mean Lisa isn’t enjoying the bonus ex-wife. Apparently, she and Jody’s ex get along great, which is refreshing to see for a change.

During their relationship, Lisa and Jody’s first wife have gotten closer and even go on vacations together. They also spent the holidays as a family unit, which must be nice for Jody.

“His ex-wife, the mother of his amazing daughter Peyton, she’s wonderful, she’s great. We’ve been on vacation together with our children. She was over for Christmas, her and her husband,” Lisa shared.

On the growing group, Lisa said, “My entire life, actually, I’ve never quite had a relationship like this, so that’s great. He’s great with my kids and his daughter. Our family is expanded.” I wonder if her kids still think he’s the gay uncle? Oh well.

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