A Lip Reader Thinks They Know What Ben Affleck And JLo Were Tiffing About At The Grammys And It’s Fascinating (If True)

 Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck at the 2023 Grammys
Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck at the 2023 Grammys

Awards Season is often an exciting time for fans, who get to watch their favorite celebrities in one room, competing for coveted awards. This past weekend was the Grammys, and there were plenty of viral moments, including fan reactions to Beyonce not winning Album of the Year for Renaissance. Perhaps what circulated online the most was footage of Bennifer 2.0 attending the ceremony, and how seemingly unenthused Affleck was during the event. A lip reader thinks they know what he and JLo were tiffing about at the Grammys, and it’s fascinating (if true). Let’s break it all down.

The public has been super invested in Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez’s relationship since it was revealed that they reunited, before shocking the world by getting married in Las Vegas. While it seems like all wedding bliss and blended families, fans thought they saw some cracks in the foundation at the Grammys, especially in a clip of the couple seemingly bickering behind host Trevor Noah. That particular video has been circulating online, and a lip reader spoke to ET about what they believe JLo said to Affleck in this viral moment. They offered one perspective, saying:

I believe when Ben Affleck whispered into... Jennifer Lopez's ear, she replied with, 'Stop. Look more friendly. Look motivated. [Then] she turned away and Ben Affleck shuttered uncomfortably... and [said], 'I might.'

There you have it. While this is just one person’s opinion, they seem to think that Jennifer Lopez was bickering with Ben Affleck because he didn’t look camera ready at the Grammys. And if this was the case, she wasn’t wrong. Affleck was memed countless times as a result of seemingly wanting to go home in the midst of music’s biggest night.

In the days since the Grammys aired, discourse surrounding Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez’s appearance at the event hasn’t slowed down much. One anonymous insider defended Affleck, confirming he was tired, but still happy to be there supporting his wife. One can only imagine what it’s like having your personal interactions become such a public matter in this way. Although given how much media coverage their relationship in the 2000s got, maybe nothing surprises the couple nowadays. You can check out the viral moment in question below:

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Ben Affleck is no stranger to Awards Shows, although he’s usually attending film-focused events like the Academy Awards or Golden Globes. But when you’re married to a global pop star like Jennifer Lopez, that means the Grammys are included in this busy season. Affleck was there to support his wife, although his face during the telecast made it seem like he’d rather be somewhere else.

Professionally, both Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez have exciting film projects coming down the line. Affleck is notably playing Batman in Andy Muschietti’s The Flash, while JLo has a deal with Netflix for new content. In the meantime, check out the 2023 movie release dates to plan your next movie experience.