Linen Fabric Has Been Used Majorly by Big Brands for Their Fashion Wear Collection

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MIAMI, FL / ACCESSWIRE / June 11, 2021 / There's a strong reason why popular fashion stylists choose linen textiles to create their designs. According to fashion experts, linen has depth and a distinct texture to its fibers that makes it look extremely trendy. From party wear to picnic wear to even formal wear, linen has taken over big time and is rightly having a moment. The fabric looks stunning whether they are neutral or bold colored and keeps looking as fresh as new after years of use owing to its durability. With use, the look of the fabric enhances which is surprisingly true.

Antonino Aiello of 100% Capri who has been in the business for the past 22 years has expanded his linen-based clothing brand to the next level says that wearing linen fabric is extremely beneficial as they have temperature regulating properties and are comfortably soft. They are breathable and don't lose their shape or texture even after years of washing, in fact it becomes more softer and pleasing for the skin with time. 'Linen clothes are lightweight and easy to dry, making it a preferable choice when traveling. Above all they don't require ironing as the crumpled look is its highlight and above all it is anti-microbial too' says Aiello.

The demand for linen clothing has been growing with time due to its properties and that's the reason many big brands have come up with their line of clothing comprising linen fabric. 100% Capri is also one of the brands which uses linen as its base for its entire collection consisting of classic men's shirt and casual holiday wear like Bermuda shorts, drawstring trousers, t-shirts, polo shirts women wear, accessories and children wear. The founder of the brand, Aiello has been in business since 2000 and says the demand for linen clothing has been growing since that time. Such has been the impact of this fabric that he has expanded his brand to 18 stores worldwide. He says, 'There has been a significant increase of over 25% in the consumption of linen even during the pandemic as compared to early years, which makes us think of the vast potential it has for growth in the future.'


100% Capri is a high end fashion brand widely considered the finest luxury linen brand in the world. Today, the brand has retail stores internationally- from Bal Harbor Shops in Miami to the Four Seasons Hotel in Florence, Italy- and sets the vogue for summer fashion in today's most glamorous vacation destinations.

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SOURCE: 100%Capri

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