Lindsay Lohan and Pepsi have combined forces to make "Pilk" a thing

Lohan pretends to drink “Pilk” in a Pepsi commercial.
Lohan pretends to drink “Pilk” in a Pepsi commercial.

Lindsay Lohan, former film star and current lead actor in Netflix’s latest Hallmark-style Christmas movie, will help just about anyone advertise their products and services. She has, to wit, appeared as a spokesperson for conference call apps and a site called, promoted laxative tea on Instagram, and drawn the wrath of furries while showing off a dog avatar NFT between spending time offering video commissions on Cameo.

Now she’s selling the internet on a concoction dubbed “Pilk” as part of a holiday ad campaign by Pepsi.

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That Is One Dirty Soda, Santa | Pepsi

The commercial sees fellow corporate shill Santa Claus creeping around Lohan’s dark, festively decorated home and pouring a can of Pepsi into a glass of milk. The actor, tip-toeing through her house while wearing a Santa hat and searching for a possible intruder, enters her living room to find the drink waiting on a table. She takes a sip, looks around herself in amazement, and states: “That is one dirty soda, Santa.” We’re told, through voiceover and an image of the drink, that this holiday delight is called “Pilk and cookies.”

As Insider’s Kieran Press-Reynolds writes, Pilk has been around for a while, popping up in internet discussions as “dirty soda” in the past and enjoying mainstream popularity in India and Pakistan as “doodh soda,” a drink made from mixing “various sodas with milk.”

This new level of notoriety stems from the Lohan ad. It “became a TikTok trend in the last week following [the] Pepsi advertisement,” with hashtags leading to videos of people making or talking about the drink racking up “a cumulative 40 million views on the platform.”


Pepsi’s own TikTok contribution is a clip that sees Lohan mixing a Pilk in a Santa costume. The commercial manages to imply a level of sexual tension to the combination of dairy and soda, the actor remarking “nice” and then “ooo, naughty” as she pours. With nearly two million people having seen the ad, TikTok is now flooded with videos of users trying the drink for themselves.


Most of these posts are exactly what you’d expect. People, with or without voice filters activated, show themselves mixing up a Pilk, taking a sip, and then declaring it good or not good. (The results are pretty mixed.) There are also more adventurous souls, like the guy who filmed the creation of Pilk cheese, among the many now convinced to buy and help advertise Pepsi.

While making Pilk a thing is a better look than defendingand appealing to the world to stop “bullying”—Donald Trump or attempting to kidnap homeless people in Russia, it’s still an indication that a few more volts need to be applied to Lohan’s film career before she can go back to making money the traditional way. To that end, and for the sake of no further Pilk ads, we implore Disney to just go ahead and offer her a role in the MCU.

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