Lil Yachty Shares New Version of Saved By the Bell Theme Song

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The internet has been pretty divided on the Saved By the Bell reboot since Peacock announced it, and the new take on the theme song by Lil Yachty isn’t exactly soothing the nerves of those hoping for a smooth continuation of the original.

On one hand, Lil Boat fans could probably care less about the context of the show and the original theme song. On the other, Saved By the Bell fans have likely only ever heard of Lil Yachty if their kids introduced it to them as a way to embarrass their aging parents. Whichever side you fall on, it’s hard to imagine the crossover fan base is worth the effort it took for NBC to attempt to get people to care about any of Peacock’s original programming. Hell, they need all the help they can get after having to explain to people that the eight Harry Potter movies won’t actually live there full-time.

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The reboot already sounded sketchy enough, so maybe they’re banking on Lil Yachty fans carrying the show when it debuts next week. For now, the theme song is neither nostalgic nor one of the rapper’s best, but you can check it out below anyway.

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