Lil Yachty’s Sailing Team And Reebok Put A Spin On Workout Fashion In New York City

By Mikey Fresh

Promoted by Reebok Classic

Lil Yachty and his Sailing Team family were front and center on Wednesday evening (Feb 7) as the stars of Reebok’s Always Classic campaign launch in New York City.

The historic sneaker and apparel company celebrated its rich legacy in the fashion and athletic world with a stunning presentation and concert at Manhattan’s Classic Car Club. Lil Boat brought along his personal stylist Rox Brown and his crew consisting of Kodie Shane, Original Fani and JBan$2Turnt for a panel discussion about their love for Reebok gear, the group’s own fashion tastes and why they continue to make music for the youth.

“They’re comfortable and I do a lot of jumping around and moving so comfort is first; it’s a big key,” Yachty says about Reebok’s Workout Plus sneaker. “The Reebok partnership is dope. I was wearing Reebok before, so to work with them is always a plus.”

(photo by Tim Atakora)

After the chat, the Sailing team retreated to their backstage quarters before their big performance. The youthful dancing duo of Meechie and Toosi took to the stage first, and literally turned the energy from zero to a hundred real quick.

Then it was time for the man of the evening to grace the stage, laced in his Workout Plus sneakers, while models showed off contemporary Reebok outfits — curated by Rox Brown. A few of fashion’s rising stars, including Kendra Bailey, Gitoo and Kalysse Anthony, were all included in the energetic fashion show/performance. With the Sailing Team all taking turns performing their crowd favorites, Yachty especially turned the crowd up with “Peak A Boo” and “1 Night.”

As Reebok has done for many years, they brought together an authentic mix of fashion tastemakers, musical firecrackers and of course the people. Without the support of vibrant communities like the Big Apple, it would be near impossible for any brand to remain always classic.

This article was written in paid partnership with Reebok Classic

(photo by Tim Atakora)

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