Lil Yachty Reveals He Quit Drinking Lean, Shows Off New Look

Lil Yachty recently revealed he quit drinking lean. On Monday (Sept. 11), Boat took to social media to show off his new look. The rapper appears slimmer in the recent photos, which showed him with a shaved head. “I chopped da top, f**k it,” he captioned the three pictures. “She like my haircut, it turn her on!!!” Although he removed his signature red hair years ago, the Georgia entertainer continuously kept his braids with beads. So, the haircut came as a surprise to his fans — who also commented on his new look.

However, the response wasn’t what Yachty hoped, as some people attacked him for his seemingly sudden weight loss. “Ni**a” look like Franlklin [the turtle],” somebody xweeted. “No u didn’t cut ur hair ????? Ni**a put it back on !!! idc how. I’m calling ur mother,” another person said. Yachty caught wind of the displeased comments and shot back at his critics.

During his response, the rapper also admitted that he changed his lifestyle and kicked lean. “I did not stop drinkin lean for ni**as to bully me and tell me I look like i have leukemia,” he jokingly shot back at his critics.

Moneybagg Yo recently opened up about his decision to stop drinking lean. In January 2022, the Memphis artist expressed he was quitting the drug and looking forward to a healthier life.

“I use to think being sober would f**k with my creative process, I see dats just a mind thing cuz I been more active skin glowing and I been dropping nun but pressure,” he typed on Twitter, and included the hashtag “#NomoWockesha.” Wockesha has become popular slang for the addictive cocktail. Lean is famously crafted from prescription cough medicines that contain promethazine or codeine combined with soda and candy, usually a jolly rancher.

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