Lil Wayne Says He Should Be No. 1 on Billboard’s Greatest Rappers List: ‘Who the Hell Is Before Me?’

Billboard / VIBE’s 50 Greatest Rappers of All-Time list continues to spark debate amongst fans and rappers on social media, and now Lil Wayne has chimed in.

The rapper, who came in at No. 7 on the list, told Zane Lowe on Apple Music 1 this week that he could’ve topped the list. “Man, who the hell is before me? Was the list including all hip-hop, like before and after as well?” he asked. “I can deal with that. I will tell you that I am a motherf—ing one. Everybody whose names you named, they also know I’m number one. Go ask ’em. They know what it is.”

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top 50 greatest rappers
top 50 greatest rappers

50 Greatest Rappers of All Time


He later discussed his own impact as a force in hip-hop. “Honestly, I would say… there is a point where you look around and you’re like I’m not even sure if anyone’s coming down this road with me,” Wayne revealed. “Any direction I go into, it’s always inspired. Therefore I never feel alone because I always have the inspiration. Inspiration grows and I work with people that love to see growth. I’m fortunate to have these people around me. The last tour I got off was with Blink-182. At the end of the day I find myself at the country music awards and doing tours with Blink 182. There’s not a lot of rappers in this position who can say they’ve done that. I stand alone on that mountain.”

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