Lil Nas X sends homophobic protesters pizza, declares he has a crush on one of them

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Lil Nas X, an artist whose media are music and trolling.
Lil Nas X, an artist whose media are music and trolling.

Lil Nas X has been celebrated by the Songwriters Hall Of Fame, was nominated for a Grammy for his debut album, and was recently awarded the position of what is, to our knowledge, the very first “president” of a video game. Despite all of these accomplishments, though, he remains, at heart, a mischievous scamp who’s exceptionally skilled at messing with people angry with his work and his existence as an openly gay Black man.

As proof of his true calling, take, for instance, his latest exercise in advanced-level trolling: Ordering pizza for homophobic Christian protesters outside his concert before tweeting that he’s fallen in love with one of them.

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The group of protesters in question had gathered outside of Nas’ MGM Music Hall concert in Boston’s Fenway Park last Sunday to wave around placards with junk like “REPENT AND BELIEVE THE GOSPEL” written on them and to yap away into microphones about the evils of having sex with people you’re attracted to.

Lil Nas X tweeted that he sent pizza out to the group, writing that their protest “is really good promo!”

While the pizza was declined—the protesters apparently refused to eat food spiced with the sin of generosity—Nas did get something good out of the effort all the same. In short, as displayed in a tweet that zooms in on one of the angry men’s face to the sound of Sufjan Stevens singing a sped-up “Mystery Of Love,” Lil Nas X declared that he “accidentally fell in love with one of the homophobic protesters.”

While he could have left it there, Nas is smitten. Yesterday afternoon he tweeted that he “can’t stop thinking about the cute homophobic guy [that] was protesting my concert last night. I just know we had a connection. I miss him so much man. I’m nothing without him.”

Though the “cute homophobic guy” in question isn’t likely to get in touch with a man who both gives lap dances to the devil and puts out limited-edition “Satan Shoes” with drops of blood in them, we hope he at least feels a little bit flattered by the compliments.

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