Lil Bibby Reminisces On His Mother’s Drug Habit On “Crack Baby”

Bibby makes a return.

By Darryl Robertson

Lil Bibby has been M.I.A., but that all changes today as the Chicago rhymer unleashes the ultra-personal song “Crack Baby.”

Bibby’s music has always been soul-tugging, and “Crack Baby” follows his autobiographical theme. Here, Bibby delivers Free Crack as he raps about the trauma associated with his mother’s crack habit, his damaged self-esteem, and being fatherless, among other topics.

Back in 2017, Bibby released FC3: The Epilogue EP, a collection of previously released songs.

VIBE spoke with Bibby about his mother’s addiction.

“Yeah, it made me angry,” Bibby said. “And I used to give her hell. I used to give her hell about that. I hated that, man. I used to disrespect her, and it’s not good to say that but that really did something to me. And, that’s what had me angry. Then, people used to doubt me.”

The rapper born Brandon Dickinson also spoke about some of his favorite books, and how they helped him change his outlook on life.

“I’m not going to lie. When I was in the streets I never pictured myself changing,” Bibby recalled.”But I read this book, 48 Laws of Power. It helped me so much. It changed my whole way of thinking. I think that’s what did it for me. That book changed my whole way of thinking about everything.”

Listen to “Crack Baby” above.

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