Lil Bibby & Lil Durk Provide Accurate Reactions To The Soulja Boy-Chris Brown Fiasco

The guys from Chicago are laughing at you, not with you.

By Desire Thompson

With time, we all learn that some antics aren’t worth the migraine. For Lil Bibby and Lil Durk, it’s allowed them on the bench with the rest of us as we begrudgingly watch the events of the Soulja Boy and Chris Brown fiasco unfold.

In part 324 of the saga, Soulja’s run-in with a few gang members during his Instagram Live stream became the laughing stock of the social sphere Tuesday afternoon (Jan. 3) when it was believed he was jumped for his phone. While other vantage points of the incident showed otherwise, it didn’t stop fans, comedians and even Lil Durk from sharing their own take on the incident.


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Just a few hours earlier, Bibby showed props to Soulja for refusing to back down from a boxing challenge with the “Party” singer but admitted he would put his coins behind Breezy. “[You’ll] see my shorty wasn’t blowing,” Bibby said in his Instagram post. “He get to squaring up. ‘What’s happening, Blood, ’ Nah, but go on head man, catch that fade. I got 30 on Breezy, 30 on Breezy, go on catch that fade.”

Soulja ain't no hoe but I got my $$ on @chrisbrownofficial

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The 20-somethings have had their fair share of rowdy roughness, but these days it’s all about keeping the peace. Speaking to VIBE last year, Durk says he’s hoping to help violence in Chicago by working with his peers like Bibby, Lil Herb along with Minster Louis Farrakhan to reduce the influence gangs have on the city’s youth.

“What’s going on in Chicago, is with the gangs that are in Chicago,” Durk said. “That’s the big thing with all of the gangs, and all of the people who have voices. That’s why all the rappers who have voices in Chicago: Lil Herb, Hypno, Lil Bibby, Dj Bandz, Minister Louis Farrakhan if we all try to put something together to stop the BS, you know what I’m saying? All sides. So if everybody who has the voices just come together, and just try and talk it out and be like, ‘Let’s slow down, let’s try to get to the community,’ or just do anything to slow it down because the violence is never going to stop. I mean it’s not going to happen overnight, but it’s going to happen. If everybody is in there 100%, I guarantee it’s going to slow down.”

Maybe these two can be an example for Soulja and Brown to reduce their overzealous corny gang proclamations.

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