Lil Baby Gets Out of Dodge, Cuts Concert Short After Audience Member Is Shot During Rapper’s Performance In Memphis

Lil Baby stopped at the FedEx Forum in Memphis, Tennessee, on his It’s Only Us tour, and unfortunately for everyone in attendance, the concert went out with an unnerving bang.

The tour featured acts like The Kid Laroi, Rylo Rodriguez, and Memphis’ GloRilla. Baby was in the middle of performing his verse from EST Gee’s song “5500 Degrees” with Rodriguez when it all went left.

In a video shot by a concertgoer, a group of people are shown to the left of the stage, then two men can be seen pointing at each other, and the crowd rushes away from the area. Baby and Rodriguez noticed the commotion and they were quickly moved backstage, ending the performance. Another clip shows a man lying on the ground, and the man who filmed it says, “This s—t crazy, mane, a motherf——r brought a gun in the FedEx Forum.”

The Memphis Police Department said on X (Twitter), “One adult male shooting victim was located and transported to Regional One Health in critical condition.” By the following day man’s condition had been upgraded to non-critical, the Commercial Appeal reported.

Concertgoers told Memphis’ News Channel 3 that the venue was evacuated after the shooting. The News Channel 3 anchors said, “The question that will be asked is, how did someone get inside FedEx Forum with a gun?”

Fans held the same sentiment when talking about how the shooting occurred.

“Smh! I guess security doesn’t exist anymore. That’s wild nobody can’t enjoy anything nowadays..”

“Memphis n-gga gon sneak a gun in heaven if you let em.”

“They might have close Memphis down for a year.. Move everybody out and start over.”

The suspect in the shooting is still unknown, but the victim has now been identified as Memphis rapper CEO Jizzle. Jizzle took to Instagram to clear up rumors about his death, saying, “Ain’t no way imma let a F—boy take me out.”

“I aint gone lie im in pain like a motherf—-r.” the rapper said as he was lying on the hospital gurney, with bandages and tubes covering his body, “Aye, but Jizzle good though.”

Memphis police said Friday that Jizzle was targeted.

“Based on our preliminary investigation, the shooting is believed to have been premeditated, and the victim targeted,” an MPD statement said. “There were no other injuries resulting from this senseless act, where thousands of concertgoers were in attendance.”

Jizzle is the cousin of legendary Memphis rapper Young Dolph. Dolph was a pillar of his community, frequently patronizing black businesses and donating money to his alma mater before he was gunned down in November 2021 outside of a cookie shop. This shooting comes less than two years his death.