Lightning McQueen Crocs Are a Thing and People Are Devastated They Sold Out Lightning Fast

Andi Ortiz
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Kachow to your hopes of getting these shoes baby

Every day on Twitter, it seems a new mad lib of words are strung together and are somehow real things. On Tuesday, those words were “Lightning McQueen Crocs.” Yes, they’re a real thing, and people are devastated by how quickly they sold out.

It’s been 15 years since “Cars” released in theaters, and Owen Wilson had a star-making turn as the celebrity-bad-boy-turned-small-town-loving Lightning McQueen. (Yes, star-making. Roll with it). To honor his legacy, Crocs released a limited amount of shoes designed with McQueen’s likeness.

Believe it or not, these are actually designed for adults, light-up feature and all. They’re probably exactly as attractive as you imagine them to be.

Photo: Crocs

The shoes first debuted back in 2019, and sold out quickly. On Tuesday, they sold out even quicker. A new lot was made available at 9 a.m. PT, and at 9:47, the official Crocs Twitter account announced they had sold out.

Within the hour, “Lightning McQueen Crocs” was trending on Twitter, with people lamenting their bad luck in not being able to snag a pair. “Not getting Lightning McQueen crocs will be my villain origin story,” one user tweeted. Multiple others noted that their mental stability hinged on getting a pair of the shoes.

For what it’s worth, it is possible to still get a pair, but it’ll just cost you much more. Pairs of the Lightning McQueen Crocs have already surfaced on reselling sites like eBay, listed at $350.

You can check out some of the misery — and/or commiserate — below.

Not getting lightning mcqueen crocs will be my villain origin story

— chels (@cheru_shi) April 27, 2021

my mental stability depended on getting a pair of those lightning mcqueen crocs

— moogs (@morganpitkin20) April 27, 2021

Me, listening to That’s Life by Frank Sinatra, trying to recover from the fact that I didn’t get the lightning McQueen crocs after waiting on the website for over 2 hours

— madi 🦄 (@meowmadz) April 27, 2021

Crocs conspiracy!!! THERE WERE NO LIGHTNING MCQUEEN CROCS!! Name one person who got a pair!!! It was all a lie!

— N Pi (@NPiLuv) April 27, 2021

I don’t want to hear a single Kachow today because the damn bots took all the lightning mcqueen crocs

— Justin Cabrera (@thejjcabrera) April 27, 2021

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