Lift Ending Explained & Spoilers: How Did the Tamil Horror Movie End?

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Lift is a 2021 Indian Tamil-language horror thriller film that marks the directorial debut of Vineeth Varaprasad. The film stars Kavin and Amritha Aiyer in the lead roles. Released directly on Disney+ Hotstar on October 1, 2021, Lift garnered positive reviews from critics.

The film unfolds in the backdrop of an IT company in Chennai named Amrak. The protagonist, Guru Prasad, portrayed by Kavin, joins Amrak as a team leader. His standoffish nature keeps him at a distance from his team members. However, he catches the interest of Harini, the HR manager, played by Amritha Aiyer, who is also new to the company.

As the story progresses, a seemingly regular day at the office takes a dark turn when Guru, after being assigned an important task by the Vice President. He gets trapped in the building, with only a few security guards for the company.

How did Guru reach the random floor?

Late at night, after completing his work, Guru experiences a malfunction in the lift, which leads him to a random floor. This event marks the beginning of a series of paranormal occurrences, including witnessing a security guard commit suicide. The horror escalates as Guru attempts to escape, only to find each effort thwarted by mysterious forces.

In a twist of fate, Guru encounters Harini, who is locked in the records room. Initially suspecting Guru of her predicament, her opinion changes as she too experiences the abnormal happenings in the building. The duo, now united by their shared terror, faces repeated failures in their attempts to escape. They encounter more horrifying events, including the suicide of another security guard.

Amidst the chaos, they stumble upon a news report, dated the following day, claiming their death in a fire in the office building. Harini discloses her earlier attempt to destroy old files at the behest of the VP, which led to her being locked in the records room. Gradually, they unravel the mystery of two vengeful ghosts haunting the building.

Lift ending: Were Guru and Harini able to save themselves?

As the night progresses, Harini becomes possessed by one of the ghosts. In a desperate move, Guru uses a drug-laced cigarette to disrupt the ghost’s possession. This act, however, inadvertently leads to setting the records room on fire. Despite severe injuries from their final escape attempt through the sabotaged lift, the pair survives, with Guru barely clinging to life.

In the face of impending doom, Guru devises a plan that involves sabotaging the office lift. This plan, though dangerous, is their last hope for escape. In a dramatic sequence, the pair manage to make the lift fall by jumping up and down inside it. This daring act results in the lift crashing, which, although a risky maneuver, ultimately leads to their survival. Harini comes out of this ordeal with fewer injuries, while Guru is severely injured and nearly loses his life. They are eventually rescued by emergency responders, affirming that their brave efforts to save themselves were successful.

Guru’s unconscious state leads him to a revelation about the ghosts’ identities. Sundar and Tara, the predecessors of Guru and Harini’s positions, were driven to their deaths by the same VP. Their tragic story, involving workplace exploitation and a cover-up of Sundar’s suicide, forms the crux of the hauntings.

The movie concludes with Guru, now conscious, refusing to be intimidated by the new VP into silence. He hands over the crucial file to the investigating officer, leading to the discovery of three bodies in the burnt office building, including the corrupt VP. The film ends on a somber note, highlighting the grave issue of employee exploitation in the IT industry and its extreme consequences.

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