Lifestyle Healing Institute Provides Hope in Opioid Epidemic With New Holistic Program

Naples center is treating chronic conditions and over-prescription with personalized, data-driven therapy based on assessment of body chemistry and lifestyle

Featured Image for Lifestyle Healing Institute

Featured Image for Lifestyle Healing Institute
Featured Image for Lifestyle Healing Institute

NAPLES, Fla., July 18, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Carmelina, a woman in her mid-50s, was barely able to function following multiple chronic infections and a series of surgeries that left her reliant on multiple prescriptions, including opioid painkillers. In the hopes of finding a solution, her sister and cousin brought her to Lifestyle Healing Institute, a data-driven holistic treatment center.

When she arrived, she was on 9 medications, including oxycodone and hydromorph contin. "The pain was excruciating, and the fatigue was like I was at death's door," Carmelina said. But after five weeks, she went home on three medications, her health, energy and quality of life restored - once again able to go out for dinner and dancing with her husband.

"At Lifestyle Healing Institute, it's about the whole picture of your life, and healing from the inside at a cellular level," Carmelina said. "My body is now doing the job that it's supposed to be doing that it wasn't before, and I have the tools to live a healthy life."

In Lifestyle Healing Institute's program, patients receive in-clinic IV dosing four days each week, for up to six weeks, while taking supplements at home. The LHI program is data-driven, founded in medical research and administered by experienced physicians and healthcare providers.

LHI is now planning a large-scale clinical study to validate the results seen in Carmelina's case and others, founder Wyatt Palumbo said.

"When we saw what happened with Carmelina and other patients, we were blown away. We thought, 'What if this could help more people?'" Palumbo said. "Opioid use disorder affects more than 3 million Americans, but only 10 percent receive effective treatment. If validated, this has the potential to help so many people, because it's outpatient, there is no need for rehab, requires no other drugs, and reduces costs."

Every Lifestyle Healing Institute treatment program blends scientifically validated diagnostics and therapies with the necessary lifestyle changes to support both the body and mind. As opioid addiction continues to be a crisis across the country, programs like Lifestyle Healing Institute offer hope for individuals and their families.

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Lifestyle Healing Institute is a complementary and alternative treatment center specializing in chronic illness and overprescribed medications. Using a data driven holistic approach to healthcare, LHI's patented Baseline Therapy is delivered in one treatment program by a team of integrated doctors and healthcare professionals. To learn more, visit

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