Lickers, giant spiders, and a demon Doberman: New Resident Evil trailer unleashes horrors

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Umbrella is back to its old antics.

After EW revealed eight new images from Netflix's live-action Resident Evil series, which is set in the same world as the video games, the streamer revealed the new trailer on Monday to help kick off the virtual Geeked Week event.

"They said the world would end in 2036, but they were wrong," says Charlie's Angels star Ella Balinska as Jade Wesker, the grown-up daughter of Lance Reddick's Albert Wesker. "The world ended a long time ago."

While Jade's arc plays out in the year 2036 in London, the horror-drama will also tell of the events that transpired at New Raccoon City in 2022. After Umbrella was "besieged by scandal," as a voice in the trailer puts it, the company set up shop in South Africa to focus on consumer products.

"The old Umbrella made mistakes," says new CEO Evelyn Marcus (Paola Nuñez), daughter of Umbrella founder James Marcus. "The things we're working on today, they're gonna change the world."

Their chief product is Joy, a miracle drug that also contains the T-virus, which is what turns the infected into monsters. Meanwhile, in the future timeline, Jade is dealing with the aftermath of a global T-virus pandemic, including combating giant spiders, kaiju caterpillars, and, in one of the various translations from the video games, the monsters known as Lickers.


Netflix Ella Balinska's Jade Wesker wields a chainsaw in Netflix's 'Resident Evil.'

The trailer also gives us a glimpse at a mysterious member of the main cast: actress Adeline Rudolph. Rudolph was announced alongside Reddick, Balinska, and Nuñez, as well as Tamara Smart and Siena Agudong — the latter two playing young Jade Wesker and Jade's sister Billie Wesker, respectively. Rudolph also featured in that first cast photo Netflix released of the series, so it seems like she's a crucial character, even if we don't yet know which.

Resident Evil premieres on Netflix this July 14. Watch the trailer above, and learn more about the puzzle box mystery directly from showrunner Andrew Dabb.

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