Lexis King Says Carmelo Hayes Hooked Him Up With His Barber

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Lexis King has Carmelo Hayes to thank for his new hairstyle in NXT.

WWE NXT Superstar Lexis King was a recent guest on INSIGHT with Chris Van Vliet. When asked about his unique hairstyle, King revealed that Carmelo Hayes hooked him up with his barber in Orlando.

“Everybody joked, they’re like, ‘Oh, Trick and Melo must have hooked him up with their barber.’ But that’s actually what happened,” Lexis King said. “So I got a comment on Twitter, but actually, I moved to Orlando. And I thought, well, I need to hit somebody up and see who the best barber is. So I texted Melo, I had him on Twitter. I didn’t have his cell phone number at the time. I said, ‘Hey, man. Where’s the best barber in Orlando?’ He’s like, ‘Don’t worry, man. I’ll hook you up with Charlie.’

“So I hit up Charlie, and I’ve never had this happen. I’ve never had it done before. All I asked for was a haircut similar to what I had in AEW in previous years. I’m just like, line me up sharp, make me look good. And he adds all the color. He adds all the whatever it’s called, the brown and the really dark in your beard.

“But I didn’t know he was going to do that. This is my first cut with this guy. And I get out of the chair, look in the mirror, and I’m like, yeah. I’m like, That’s it. I love it! So people that are shitting on it, I loved it; I got out of that chair, and I was like, hell yeah. I started looking Dominican myself. I mean, he’s Peruvian, but I started looking like I was Hispanic, and I thought, man, this is it. Like the lines are so sharp, and it looks like it’s drawn on.”

King went on to speak about the first time the NXT roster got a look at his new hairstyle and how it became an instant hit in the locker room.

“I think I was getting my photos done,” Lexis King recalled. “I didn’t even have a segment or anything. So I got the spray tan, and then my beard was all done up. And I go there, and it was just an instant hit with the locker room like everybody was just like you look like the most evil villainous heel in the history of like — so once it caught on online because obviously, I hadn’t seen the reaction yet.

“But once I went out there and it just started catching on, and so I just lean into it, and now I just have a routine, and the routine hasn’t changed. Every Tuesday before TV, Charlie does me up real nice. Urban Barber for those of you in the Orlando, Florida, Tampa area. I mean, he drives around; he’s got a bus.”

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What do you make of Lexis King’s comments? Do you like his hairstyle in WWE NXT? Let us know your thoughts by sounding off in the comments section below.

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