Lewis Capaldi Releases ‘Vevo Footnotes’ For ‘Someone You Loved’

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Lewis Capaldi - Photo: Joseph Okpako/WireImage
Lewis Capaldi - Photo: Joseph Okpako/WireImage

Lewis Capaldi is taking fans behind the scenes of the official music video for “Someone You Loved” in the latest installment of Vevo Footnotes. The BTS video celebrates the third anniversary of the song.

The new episode sees the synergistic collaboration of the Scottish singer-songwriter and video director Ozzie Pullin’s own visual take on the heartfelt themes of “Someone You Loved,” discussing both the creative concepts of how the video was captured and the use of characters to depict the various relationships discussed in the song. “Someone You Loved” is off of Lewis Capaldi’s debut album, Divinely Uninspired To A Hellish Extent, released in 2019.

In the BTS video, Pullin says, “The video’s concept came from conversations about young love: never feeling like you can fully let someone go...and the idea that the people that you surround yourself with eventually help you move forward.”

He adds, “The first person Lewis encounters is his brother, who pulls up from the bench. This was an almost perfect metaphor because family members are usually the first people to push you forward...My main visual reference were the night scenes in Mike Leigh’s film Naked–with David Thewlis’ character Johnny just wandering around alone.”

Regarding the location, Pullin explains, “We shot at the amazing 3 Mills Studios, where they have shot some of the biggest British films. This allowed us to have complete control of the entire street, even lighting from windows in the houses surrounding it.”

Pullin wanted to give the visual an authentic look, so they shot on film. “We were shooting on 35mm film so we couldn't over-shoot. Nailing the first couple takes for each scene, and knowing that we had to then move on was the most difficult part of making this video.” Especially, he recalls, during the tracking shot. “The long take at the end was actually never meant to be that long.”

Regarding the video’s ending, Pullin was extremely pleased with how it turned out. “It’s a small detail, but I love the close-up of Lewis at the end. I felt that even though Lewis isn’t an actor, with that one look he nailed that reaction and summarized the feeling of the song.”

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