Leva Bonaparte Shares a Rare Update on Her Son, Lamar Jr.

Leva Bonaparte is a busy restaurateur, a cast member on both Southern Charm and Southern Hospitality, and she's a dedicated mom to her son, Lamar Jr. (aka "Little").

The Republic Garden & Lounge co-owner, who is married to business partner Lamar Bonaparte, took to Instagram on October 29 to share an adorable update on how her only child is doing.

Leva Bonaparte's Update on Her Son, Lamar Jr.

The Charleston resident posted a series of snapshots of her and her son celebrating an early Halloween event. Lamar Jr. wore a costume modeled off one of the characters from The Incredibles, while Leva kept things simple in a pair of light-wash jeans and a cropped black tank top.

What's more, Leva offered an update on her life as a mom in the caption of her post. "October always flies by. But it’s one of my favs!" she wrote, before thanking a friend for taking the photos of her and Lamar Jr. and "always including me in all her best kids core memories researched activities."

"Every mom needs an organized social activity mom she can follow! She is mine!" Leva continued about her pal. "And my son is like[,] [']Mom you always take me to the coolest stuff[.'] And I was like[,] Uhm[,] thank miss Lori![']"

Lamar Jr.'s Halloween look isn't the first time he's dressed up as a movie character. In 2022, Leva's son coordinated with her to be Egon Spengler from the 1984 film Ghostbusters.

Leva Bonaparte with her son Lamar Bonaparte Jr. at the Fort Garry Hotel in Canada.
Leva Bonaparte with her son Lamar Bonaparte Jr. at the Fort Garry Hotel in Canada.

Leva Bonaparte posts an image of herself with her son Lamar Bonaparte Jr., at the Fort Garry Hotel in Winnipeg, Canada to her instagram account on July 16th, 2023. Photo: Leva Bonaparte/Instagram

Leva Bonaparte and a Southern Charm Alum's Reunion

In addition to getting in some quality time with Lamar Jr., Leva also just reunited with a Southern Charm alum for a very important event. Shortly before the Halloween outing, she attended a baby shower for Danni Baird. Leva posted two photos with the mom-to-be on her Instagram feed.

"The most Beautiful Glowing momma!" Leva captioned the post, which showcased a photo of the two posing in front of a balloon wall, and a solo shot of Danni.

Leva Guerdy
Leva Guerdy

We Are Obsessed with Leva Bonaparte and Guerdy Abraira's Friendship

Danni announced her pregnancy just a few days earlier when she wished her beau, Nicholas, a happy birthday and referred to him as "daddy-to-be."

About a week before she went to Danni's baby shower, Leva recharged after a "tough week" by taking a trip to Miami with her son. While there, she also spent some time with The Real Housewives of Miami's Guerdy Abraira.

As Leva said herself, October has certainly been a busy month!