Letters from Home Breaks Up the Game's Tightest Duo on 'Survivor 46'

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The Final 6 castaways during the 'Survivor 46' Episode 11 Immunity Challenge

It's the last episode before the finale on Survivor 46. And, as was talked about prominently in this week's episode, it's time to weigh up your previous alliances versus who you want to take to the end. At the center of the action was the game's tightest duo of Charlie and Maria. Challenge wins and the looming endgame complicated the previously-solid relationship, culminating in an all-too familiar blindside.

Check out more information about tonight's episode below and find out who was voted out.

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Who got voted off on Survivor 46 tonight?

Quintavius "Q" Burdette<p>Robert Voets / CBS</p>
Quintavius "Q" Burdette

Robert Voets / CBS

Q Burdette

"Big mistake." Not only was that the most memetic catchphrase of Q Burdette during his time on Survivor 46, it's also representative of his wild 23 days in the game. The first half of the season, Q had an iron grip, between being in the middle of his struggling Yanu tribe and cobbling together the strength-based "plus one" alliance at the merge. But Q found himself, like a game of hide and seek, as public enemy number one, between turning on his closest ally Tiffany and throwing everyone for a loop when he offered to go home. Though he was spared his suggested quit, Q quickly became the pariah of the tribe, getting votes at every single Tribal Council after and constantly being talked about as the target. Luckily, he had Maria in his corner, and the two became tight allies as she brought him in on some big moves. When Q found an idol, and had convinced Maria to turn on her number one in Charlie, he was ready to already celebrate his spot in the Final Four. But his Christmas gift was, fittingly, canceled. A confident Q didn't play his idol, and he and Maria watched everyone else turn on him, his "Q-Skirt" swinging in the wind on his way out.

Were any advantages found or played on Survivor 46 tonight?

Yes! After being left out of the loved ones letters reward, Q was able to find the rehidden idol. Astoundingly, he also didn't play it, and was voted out with it in pocket (or Q-Skirt). That makes the fifth idol voted out this season, and the fourth in a row.

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Who's left in the game on Survivor 46?

Ben Katzman

Charlie Davis

Kenzie Petty

Liz Wilcox

Maria Shrime Gonzalez

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