Letitia Wright Calls Out Reporter for Comparing Oscars Candidacies to Controversy: ‘How Dare You’

“Black Panther: Wakanda Forever” star Letitia Wright took to her social media account to call out a journalist at The Hollywood Reporter who wrote an article about celebrities’ controversial pasts and how that may impact their chances at winning an Oscar. In a slew of Instagram Story posts, Wright says she’s done with allegedly being targeted by the publication.

“I had to unblock @ TheHollywoodReporter just to post this,” Wright began in an Instagram Story post. “Scott Feinberg and all at this publication. You’re incredibly disrespectful. How dare you. You mentioned my name alongside men who have been accused of abuse and & sexual misconduct.”

Wright’s words come after THR published an article written by Feinberg headlined, “How Personal Baggage Will Impact Oscar Chances.” In the story, Feinberg outlined three actors — Will Smith, Brad Pitt and Wright — and their past controversies.

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The article analyzes how their controversies may affect their success at the Academy Awards. Specifically, the article highlights Smith’s physical altercation with Chris Rock, Pitt’s alleged domestic abuse and Wright’s previous opposition to the COVID-19 vaccine. Both Smith and Wright have acknowledged and apologized for their past behavior.

“I’ve remained silent as the world told me to kill myself two years ago for a video I posted and apologised for,” Wright continued in another Instagram Story post. Wright went on to try to find Feinberg’s page while continuing to share her feelings on the article and THR.

“At this point, a personal vendetta towards me. I’ve done nothing wrong but respectfully refused to do interviews with this publication. Stop your nonsense. I apologized TWO years ago. Remained silent on the topic. You lied and said I continued talking about it with my cast & crew on my set. THIS WAS NOT TRUE. ASK MY PRODUCER AND DIRECTOR. The film was successful. Your agenda towards me is now even more clear. I won’t remain silent. Stop your disgusting behavior.”

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