Leslie Mann 'Got Into Trouble' for Supporting Daughter Maude Possibly Leaving College (Exclusive)

Leslie Mann 'Got Into Trouble' for Supporting Daughter Maude Possibly Leaving College (Exclusive)

The Apatow family stole the show at Tuesday night's Blockers premiere in Los Angeles, posing on the red carpet together to support Leslie Mann's latest comedy.

Mann wore a strapless red Zac Posen dress, while her husband, Judd Apatow, looked sharp in a blue suit. The couple's two daughters -- 20-year-old Maude and 15-year-old Iris -- also looked lovely in black and yellow dresses, respectively.

The Apatow family at the 'Blockers' premiere on April 3, 2018.
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Leslie Mann  and her daughters Iris and Maude at the 'Blockers' premiere on April 3.
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ET's Keltie Knight spoke to Mann about Blockers -- which hits theaters on April 6 -- in which she plays a parent trying to stop her daughter from having sex on prom night. Mann said that in her own household, there was no set moment to have the birds and the bees talk with her children.

"You know, I don't think we had, like, a birds and bees conversation," she pondered. "I think it was just ongoing. You know, we just were always talking very open about all of that stuff and so I wasn't like, 'At 13 we had this conversation.' ...They're exposed to so much now that you can't."

Mann is clearly close to her two daughters, and talked about supporting Maude, whom she revealed earlier this week is thinking about dropping out of Northwestern University. Maude is currently in her second year at at the school, and already made her directorial debut in February with her short film, Don't Mind Alice.

"I got into trouble ... saying that," Mann admitted. "Well, she's obviously an adult and she's gonna do what she wants to do, and I stand behind her. So, if she wants to stay in school, great, and if she wants to start working now, great."

Mann says she's definitely glad to be raising daughters as opposed to sons.

"I can't imagine being a mother to boys," she confessed. "I'm so grateful that I have girls, not that boys are bad, but it's better to have girls."

For more on Blockers, watch the hilarious trailer below:


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