Lesa Milan Shares How She Built a Maternity “Fashion Empire”

Lesa Milan Shares How She Built a Maternity “Fashion Empire”

As the mother of three children, Lesa Milan knows a thing or two about maternity clothes. In recent years, The Real Housewives of Dubai cast member has used that knowledge to build her very own “fashion empire.”

Being someone with a passion for style, Lesa realized she was searching for clothing that was not (yet) on the market. “I was pregnant, I was young, and I couldn’t find anything that was, like, fashionable and comfortable,” the entrepreneur dished in an interview during the June 1 episode. Her fix: “I started Mina Roe five years ago.”

Now, Lesa’s line, which she is both the founder and chief designer of, has taken off. Her pieces have been worn by celebrities and influencers alike as it has continued to grow. The brand’s website shares a bit more about Mina Roe items, noting that each item is made in Dubai from hand-picked materials to ensure the best quality. Additionally, every design captures the current fashion trends and styles, while still being comfortable and practical when it comes to pregnancy demands.

Lesa went on to explain why her brand is so special to her: “As a Black woman, I feel it’s so important, because there are very few of us that are really successful and doing amazing things in this city.”

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