Who Is Lena Dunham's Husband? All About Luis Felber

Lena Dunham and Luis Felber attend the Sundance London Film Festival screening of Zola, at the Picturehouse Central Cinema, in Piccadilly, London. Picture date: Sunday August 1, 2021
Lena Dunham and Luis Felber attend the Sundance London Film Festival screening of Zola, at the Picturehouse Central Cinema, in Piccadilly, London. Picture date: Sunday August 1, 2021

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Lena Dunham's friends got it right when they set her up with musician Luis Felber.

After meeting in early 2021, Dunham and Felber quickly embarked on a whirlwind romance. The first time they met, they spent hours walking the streets of London — and they didn't stop talking the entire time. Just a few months later, the pair moved in together, and by September of that year, they had tied the knot in an intimate ceremony with their closest family and friends.

"Every morning is a blessing. And every evening, to be able to go to bed with your best friend and chat — we find it hard to go to sleep at a decent hour. It's rarely eight hours," Felber told The New York Times of married life.

So who is Lena Dunham's husband? Here's everything to know about Luis Felber.

He was born in England but spent some of his childhood in Peru and Chile

Felber was born in Winchester, England, to a Peruvian mother and a British father in 1986. He spent his early childhood in Peru and Chile before moving back to Britain when he was 7 years old.

He is a musician

Luis Felber and Jimmy Jagger of Turbogeist perform on stage at The British Music Embassy, Latitude 30 during SXSW Interactive Festival 2012 on March 14, 2012 in Austin, Texas
Luis Felber and Jimmy Jagger of Turbogeist perform on stage at The British Music Embassy, Latitude 30 during SXSW Interactive Festival 2012 on March 14, 2012 in Austin, Texas

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As a kid, Felber taught himself to play guitar by watching MTV, and when he graduated high school, he chose to forgo college and become a musician. For most of his 20s, Felber played guitar for different bands that toured worldwide. As time went on, Felber was presented with a variety of music industry opportunities but he eventually decided to pursue his own solo career as an independent artist under the name Attawalpa — playing music he deems a cross "between Prince and Nirvana."

"I've been signed to labels before, and had a bunch of money. They'll say 'make something with this' and that's really cool, and I did, but then they're allowed to dabble in it and I really like the sort of DIY, out on the street, aspect of making things. Especially with videos, I get to collaborate and evolve with really cool directors and people I've been wanting to work with for ages," Felber told Yuck magazine.

Aside from penning his own music, he's also written for other artists and once even wrote a song with Mick Jagger that was featured on the 2016 series Vinyl.

He is extremely connected to his Peruvian heritage

Lena Dunham and Luis Felber
Lena Dunham and Luis Felber

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Although Felber admits he pushed aside his Peruvian roots growing up, he said he now embraces his heritage. It's become a big part of who he is and definitely influences his music both "sonically as well as visually."

"Most of my school life was in this country [the U.K.] and I felt a bit kind of pressured to hide that side of me. I don't know if that's something to do with me or society, but I didn't really embrace it until recently. It's part of me. It influences me a lot. It influences me in what I eat, like every day. I've tasted Peruvian food and it's the bomb. I feel like it's a different world over there, you know. The culture's different and reflects the past and what the country is like. So like, I'm blessed I've had that experience and I'm blessed I can speak Spanish as well as English," Felber shared with Yuck.

His artist name, Attawalpa, is also a nod to his heritage, stemming from the middle name given to him by his mother. He shares the name Attawalpa with the "mischievous, rebellious" last Incan king — who ruled a kingdom that existed hundreds of years ago in what is now modern-day Peru.

He explained, "I was trying to think of a name for this project and I had a few that I tried out, but this really stuck. I connect with it and there's a big part of culture in it. I have traveled around Peru, but I would like to go there more and record out there. I have only dipped my toe in the world out there in Lima. It's just a positive thing, and after being in so many punk bands, with stupid f--- names, I just wanted a name that is powerful to me. A band name can be like a spell, a big connection with the artist."

He's been candid about his struggle with mental health

Felber said that he has struggled with mental health during his life, and music has played a big role in helping him get through those tough times.

"I use it kind of as therapy. Back then, I didn't know I was a depressive," he said. "Making music made me feel so good even if it was rubbish, if I didn't have any words or anything and it was just a melody and guitar line or whatever, it just makes you feel so good. I could literally do that this morning, come up with a new idea and only I've heard it; that's a cool space to be in."

He met Dunham on a blind date

Lena Dunham and Luis Felber
Lena Dunham and Luis Felber

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Dunham and Felber first met in January 2021 after they were introduced through "a series of friends machinations," per Vogue. Their first meet-up was a blind date — and they ended up hanging out for hours, walking the streets of London because so many places were shut down due to the pandemic.

"It was a blind date. A mutual friend of ours basically set us up," Felber told The New York Times. "The first time we hung out, we didn't stop talking for, like, eight hours … I think it was sort of incredible, you know, I walked into that. I'd been on quite a few dates in the past year. As someone who's quite open, I find you hold a lot back on your first three dates. Or first 10 dates. I was just a bit fed up with that, so I just walked into the situation very myself, shall I say. And Lena liked that. And she's the same."

He didn't know who Dunham was before their first date

Prior to meeting for the first time, Felber said he had no idea who Dunham was, although he knew of her show, Girls, through his mom — a show he still hasn't watched to this day.

"Mum was a fan of Girls. I remember when I was touring in my 20s, my mum and my sister were watching that show. But I never watched it," Felber said in an interview.

His relationship with Dunham moved very quickly

After connecting in January 2021, things moved quickly for Dunham and Felber, who moved in together just a few months into the relationship. Felber said their whirlwind romance makes complete sense because he knew from the beginning that Dunham was his soulmate.

"I think when you know, you know," he told The New York Times. "I've only been alive for 35 years in this lifetime, and I think it's another archaic thing for guys to hide their feelings. I'm way more into the flow of getting to know the person. And I think Lena's the same, and I think — I'm going to sound cheesy — but when you find your soulmate, you just know."

He proposed to Dunham after visiting her in the hospital

Dunham and Felber dated for less than a year before getting engaged. Felber said he knew he wanted to pop the question after Dunham ended up in the hospital and he realized he never wanted her to go through anything else alone. As Dunham recovered, he got down on one knee, presenting her with an Incan Peruvian ring from the early 1700s that belonged to his grandmother.

"Well, you were not feeling well, and I asked to visit you in the hospital, and I stayed longer than I was supposed to stay," Felber explained. "And I just thought, that left me with a funny feeling seeing you not feeling well. And then the next day when you got back, we were in bed, and I said, 'I just I don't ever want you to go through that on your own again.' And you said, 'Oh, I want to marry you someday.' And I said, 'Why don't we make that someday, soon day? The next day, I went for a walk with my friend Tom, and he was going on about his life, and I was like, 'I think I proposed to Lena last night.' And when I got home, we made it real."

They got married in a small ceremony in London

A month after getting engaged, the couple officially tied the knot at the Union Club, a members-only club in London. They said "I do" in front of 60 of their closest family members and friends, including Taylor Swift, who served as one of Dunham's bridesmaids. Numerous other loved ones viewed the ceremony on Zoom, as the couple wanted to be mindful of COVID-19 restrictions in place at the time.

In September 2022, Dunham marked the couple's first wedding anniversary with a sweet Instagram post. Alongside photos of the two in an embrace, she wrote, "A year ago today I jumped at the chance to marry this loyal friend, trusted collaborator and drop dead gorgeous Morphius Lord of Dreams lookalike (the Sandman of the books, not the show.)."

She continued, "365 days later, he remains #1 in my iPhone favorites and I wake up jubilant every morning we are together and pining when we are apart. What can I say, @attawalpa, except that you are my home, my hero and my heart. Let's keep doing this?"

He and Dunham have worked together on several occasions

In the short span of their relationship, the couple have already gotten the chance to work together multiple times, including on Felber's music video for "Tucked In Tight," which was directed by Dunham. The husband-wife duo also teamed up for Dunham's film Sharp Stick, for which Felber wrote the music.

"[Working together is] the best — I love being directed by her. It's like our relationship, it just sort of flows. We don't have any arguments. She's obviously very good at what she does," Felber has said.

He and Dunham live "10 feet" from her parents' house

In an essay written for Architectural Digest, Dunham shared that her whimsical Connecticut cottage is located in her parents' backyard.

"When I was a little kid, I used to dread the idea of ever leaving my parents' home. I hated leaving for the day to go to school, much less the idea of going to college or getting married," she wrote, adding that living "10 feet" away from her family is what she's "always wanted."

Dunham and Felber split their time between London and their newly renovated East Coast home.