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Lena Dunham shares lingerie photo, says she's the heaviest and happiest she's ever been

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Something has changed for Lena Dunham.

The 32-year-old writer, actress and producer shared a photo of herself in lingerie with an intimate message on Tuesday. In it, she described feeling, over the years, like she was “too much” of one thing or another and that she needed to change in order to be accepted.

Now, she’s done with that. Today, Dunham wrote, she weighs, loves, reads and writes more than she ever has in her life, and, as a result, she’s the happiest she’s ever been. She described it as a “big, generous, jiggly happiness.”

Dunham, who tagged the company that provided her lacy black panties and bra, Lonely Lingerie, in the post, was celebrated in the comments.

“You are perfect and amazing! Jiggly happiness is my new joyphrase!” — @singa77

“You are incredible and your words change lives! Please don’t ever forget how much your ‘too much’ is needed! You don’t know me but you have helped me find courage to be who I am regardless!!” — @klomama

“This is so lovely. I learned a while ago to speak my mind and just do me and if some people don’t like me for it then they are not for me and the world still turns. Not everyone has to like everyone! Ps ur underwear rocks, as do u x” — @catherinejsouthall

“Gosh I can relate on this 100 percent!!! You are amazing and I wish we could too much together” — @eyebeth30

“I love this so much and needed to read this. Thank you for being human and real. This spoke just the right amount to my feelings of ‘too muchness'” — @sansoneb

Dunham has been outspoken before about topics such as her struggles with endometriosis and her addiction to Klonopin (a sedative that she took to control her anxiety), as well as politics and her body.

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