Lena Dunham Calls Trump’s Election ‘Triggering’ For Her: ‘I Drop Weight with Every Move He Makes’

Lena Dunham Calls Trump’s Election ‘Triggering’ For Her: ‘I Drop Weight with Every Move He Makes’

Lena Dunham chalked up her recent weight loss to Donald Trump‘s presidency — and expects to drop even more with each executive order.

The Girls creator and star says the new administration has been “triggering” for her and others.

“I’ve been losing tons of weight ever since Trump got elected,” Dunham, 30, said on The View Friday morning. “In fact, I drop weight with every move he makes. By the time his whole cabinet gets confirmed, I’ll be down to my goal weight, which is my birth weight, 8 lbs.,” she joked.

Dunham first talked about her unconventional ‘diet’ on Howard Stern‘s SiriusXM radio show Monday, and shared her ‘diet plan’ on Instagram Wednesday.

“I know that the right wing media had a field day with that and said, ‘Liberal So Weakened That She Can’t Eat Food Because of Donald Trump,’ but what I was trying to express is this has been triggering for many of us in so many different ways,” she said on The View. “And I know that if I’m not hungry, then we have a real freakin’ problem.”

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Weight loss or not, cohost Joy Behar noted that Dunham’s starring role on Girls, which kicks off its final season Sunday night, brought a different body type to TV, one of a “normal-looking girl on the thin side.”

“It’s interesting because you can be, as you said, a normal-looking girl, and when you move into the realm of Hollywood that shocks people,” Dunham responded. “The fact that I’m considered ‘plus size’ or an example of a completely unorthodox body, I have to admit, it was a very rude awakening the first time I saw people’s reaction to the show. I was like, ‘I thought I was pretty bangin’.”

Dunham, known for being an example of body positivity, says she has her parents to thank for developing a healthy self-esteem at a young age.

“My parents always let me know that difference was a beautiful thing, and there wasn’t a one size fits all,” she said. “My mom literally bought me a Barbie at age five that was a Happy to Be Me doll that had flat feet, a small chest, a pudgy stomach and like, an articulated vagina, and I was like, ‘Is this the worst doll ever? I want a Barbie.’ I cut her head off, I left it on the toilet, but looking back, I have a lot of gratitude for my Happy to Be Me doll.”