'Lego Ninjago Movie': See How Designers Turned Film's Setting Into Epic Model

With 2014’s blockbuster (pun intended) The Lego Movie and this year’s spinoff, The Lego Batman Movie, the toy brickmeisters have become a force in Hollywood. This fall’s The Lego Ninjago Movie will try to keep up the momentum. Based on an original toy line-turned-TV series launched in 2010 about a group of heroic minifigure martial artists, the movie version supersizes the premise. Lego designers worked hand in hand with filmmakers to make sure the film matched the toy aesthetic, and vice versa. There are 18 different Lego Ninjago Movie sets in the pipeline; Yahoo Movies has your exclusive first look at the flagship model: Ninjago City. Comprising nearly 5,000 pieces, the set is based on one of the film’s key locations (as seen in the trailer) and will be available Sept. 1 — just in time for the film’s Sept. 22. release. Click through for an up-close tour of the insanely detailed set, along with some never-before-seen concept art that illustrates how closely the toys and film align.