Left Behind’s Antichrist fails to rise against Avatar at the weekend box office

Avatar: The Way Of Water
Avatar: The Way Of Water

Avatar: The Way Of Water is still the number one movie in America, as it has been all year, and it’s now the 4th biggest movie all time (sucks to be you, The Force Awakens). It only slipped 22 percent from last week, adding $15 million to its total (now $620 million in the U.S.), which was actually enough to let number two movie Puss In Boots: The Last Wish gain a little ground (it made $10 million this week and has $140 million total after six). That’s how things have stood for a while, though, so if you’re looking to hear about some other movies, the rest of the top 10 has you covered.

For starters, a somewhat resurgent Man Called Otto has stolen third place from M3GAN, the movie with a three in its name, partially because of a slightly wider rollout the Tom Hanks movie got this weekend (it’s playing in more theaters than M3GAN, which bumped it up from fifth last week). Down in fifth place is Indian film Pathaan, which had a very good per-screen average of $8,557. In fact, that would’ve been the best average of the top 10 this week if not for Chinese sci-fi film The Wandering Earth II, which had a per-screen average of $9,542 (though it only played on 142 screens, so that only amounted to $1.3 million and tenth place for it).

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Totally chill vacation movie Infinity Pool made a respectable… splash (heh heh)… this weekend, debuting in eighth place with $2.7 million (and playing in 2,000 fewer theaters than Avatar). Ninth place went to Left Behind: Rise Of The Antichrist, which humorously suggests that a charming man taking over the U.N. will lead to humanity’s downfall. C’mon, you think America is not going to have an active hand in the apocalypse? The same people making and going to movies like this would never allow it. It made $2.3 million in its debut next week, and we regret spending so much time talking about it when we could’ve been talking about Plane, the movie that dared to ask “What if there was a plane?” (Plane made $3.8 million in its third week, and has a total of $25 million.)

Here’s the full top 10 from Box Office Mojo.

  1. Avatar: The Way Of Water

  2. Puss In Boots: The Last Wish

  3. A Man Called Otto

  4. M3GAN

  5. Pathaan

  6. Missing

  7. Plane

  8. Infinity Pool

  9. Left Behind: Rise Of The Antichrist

  10. The Wandering Earth II

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