LeBron James Says 'Hating Has No Age-Limits' After Fan Throws Object at His Son During Game

LeBron James’ son, Bronny James, was hit by a piece of debris thrown from a spectator at his game yesterday, prompting the Los Angeles Lakers star to call the act “disrespectful.”

On Monday, James was on hand to watch Bronny — a freshman at Sierra Canyon in Los Angeles — take on Paul VI Catholic High School in Massachusetts before the Lakers faced the Boston Celtics later that night.

But a bit of drama occurred during the game when Bronny was hit by a piece of debris — initially thought to be food or trash — seemingly thrown by someone in the crowd. Video of the incident posted by Yahoo Sports reporter Krysten Peek showed Bronny turn around after being hit just as he was to inbound the ball.

“Game was stopped and security was called out immediately to remove a fan that threw a yellow starburst or a piece of trash at Bronny James in the 3rd quarter,” Peek tweeted. “Be better, fans.”

A referee was also shown briefly stopping the game as police officers went into the stands.

Sierra Canyon would go on to lose the game 70-62.

James later told ESPN that he wasn’t aware of what happened until after the game.

“I didn’t see it or hear it, actually. While I was on the opposite side of the floor, I did see the referee stop the game or stop the inbound, and the cop came up there,” he said. “I didn’t even know what happened until the video evidence showed me when I got here.”


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Footage of a child throwing an object at Bronny from the stands later appeared on social media.

“It’s just disrespectful, and it was a little kid too,” James told reporters. “I don’t know how old that little kid was, so I don’t know if he learned that on his own or if he learned it at home. Whatever the case may be, it’s disrespectful. I wonder how old that kid is. … I’d like to see them try that while [Bronny is] paying attention.”

“He’s a cool, calm — he’s better than his mom and dad, let’s just say that,” he said of his son. “He is. He’s better than his mom and dad for some of the things that he kind of lets off his shoulder. Well, I guess he’s taking after me because I let a lot of s— go, too.”

Bronny James | Gregory Payan/AP/Shutterstock
Bronny James | Gregory Payan/AP/Shutterstock

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James and the Lakers suffered one of their worst losses of the season to the Celtics, who beat them 139-107.

James took to Twitter to later that night as footage of the incident went viral.

“Hating has no age limit!” he tweeted. “#JamesGang is [built] for it and well equipped. As we proceed.”

According to ESPN, officers could not identify who threw the object, and no further incidents occurred during the game.