Learn how Paddington winds up in prison in 'Paddington 2' in exclusive featurette

Everyone’s favorite coat-and-hat-wearing bear, Paddington, made a splash with movie audiences back in early 2015 with the aptly titled Paddington, and the Peruvian mammal with the polite British manners is now back to deliver a second dose of family-friend charm with Paddington 2, a sequel that’s already being hailed by critics as superior to its predecessor. In a January with few exciting theatrical options, director Paul King’s follow-up seems like a no-brainer choice for moviegoers this Friday. And to get them ready for the cuddly creature’s second big-screen go-round, Yahoo Entertainment has an exclusive new featurette that provides some in-depth details on what the furry protagonist will be up to in his latest adventure.

While prior trailers have certainly conveyed the good-natured whimsicality of Paddington 2, the above video provides more specifics about the film’s actual plot, which sees Paddington winding up behind bars. Given how sweet and kind Paddington is, such a situation could only be caused by some sort of terrible mix-up, and that’s clearly the case here, thanks to the police mistakenly assuming that he’s responsible for stealing a valuable pop-up book which he intended to give to his Aunt Lucy for her 100th birthday. That premise is the vehicle for considerable humor, all of it infused with its main character’s upbeat spirit — as co-star Hugh Grant rightly says, the key to the film, and the entire franchise, is that its hero is so “knowingly and self-avowedly positive.”

With a cast that includes Ben Whishaw (as the voice of Paddington), Grant, Hugh Bonneville, Sally Hawkins, Brendan Gleeson, Julie Walters, Jim Broadbent and Peter Capaldi, Paddington 2 also isn’t light on star power. To get in the mood for more bear-ish mischief, check out the featurette above.

Paddington 2 arrives in theaters Friday.

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