LeAnn Rimes Opens Up About Surgery She Had to Remove Precancerous Cells

LeAnn Rimes Opens Up About Surgery To Remove Precancerous Cells
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LeAnn Rimes took to social media to reveal that she had undergone surgery to remove precancerous cells.

“January is usually a challenging month for me. Over the past couple of years, I’ve either been going through dental surgeries or recovering from a vocal hemorrhage around this time, which was all pretty depressing,” Rimes, 41, shared in an Instagram post on Saturday, January 13. “But I have to say, this January has been joyful and easeful. However, yesterday, I underwent a minor surgery and I wanted to share what I went in for because I think it’s an important reminder to get our annual screenings in order to catch changes that may be taking place within the body early on.”

The “How Do I Live” songstress said she has been having abnormal pap smears since age 17, which her doctors had been “keeping an eye on.” However, after her last abnormal pap smear and colposcopy, Rimes discovered she had “high grade cervical dysplasia.” (According to the Cleveland Clinic, cervical dysplasia is a precancerous condition where abnormal cells grow on the surface of your cervix.)

“I consulted with my doctor and we jointly decided that a LEEP procedure would be in my best interest in order to remove the high grade, abnormal, pre-cancerous cells,” Rimes explained, adding that she elected to be under anesthesia for the procedure. “I’ve had enough trauma in my life already, so I prefer to be out and comfortable. That, my friends, is advocating for your overall mental wellness and comfort and I HIGHLY recommend it!”

Celebrity Health Scares Through the Years

Rimes highlighted the importance of her opening up about health challenges, especially as someone who “has a platform.”

“So, ladies, please don’t put off getting your annual pap. My men, too … make sure you get your annual physical, minus the pap smear,” the singer noted, adding that “annual screenings and early detection can be lifesaving.”

LeAnn Rimes Opens Up About Surgery To Remove Precancerous Cells
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Rimes has previously been candid about her health. In July 2022, the “I Need You” singer described how challenging navigating fame at a young age was for her.

“Being in the public eye from the time I was very young and having to override my humanness, I think, was a huge part of my experience with anxiety and depression and what was triggering it,” she told Insider at the time.

Stars Who’ve Battled Mental Health Issues

Rimes then went on to share how she ended up checking into a mental health treatment center when she was 30.

“It was just time,” Rimes recalled to the outlet. “It was time for me to break away from my deep codependency and to figure out what was chemically going on to be able to take care of myself.”