Lead vocalist of popular '90s rock band is revealed on 'Masked Singer'

The Group A returned to the Masked Singer stage Wednesday night, as well as host Nick Cannon, who was jokingly revealed last week as one of this season's wildcards. However, also making an appearance was the final wildcard of the season, the Yeti, who was so good, that he blew the Orca, the original wildcard player, right out of the water.

Following performances by the Russian Dolls, Robopine, the Seashell, and the Orca, the latter was unmasked and revealed to be the lead vocalist of popular 90's rock band Sugar Ray, Mark McGrath.

While viewers on social media had already guessed McGrath's identity from the beginning, the show's celebrity panelists were not so sure as they guessed legendary singers like Bon Jovi and Dave Grohl. In fact, even McGrath was shocked by their guesses, that the very first thing he said after his unmasking was, "Dave Grohl? Bon Jovi? My head is still as big as Orca is right now!"

However, to McGrath, it was really about two special people back at home – his kids.

"My kids are gonna get to see this, you know? And they have no idea," shared McGrath, who closed out the show with one final performance of "Every Rose Has Its Thorn."