Lea Michele Admits Her Drive Once "Created a Lot of Blind Spots" in Her Life

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Lea Michele is ready for her second act.

During a Sept. 21 appearance on The Drew Barrymore Show, the actress talked about a time in her life where she was overly focused on only one aspect of life. "It was all about my career," she told host Drew Barrymore. "I've been so career focused my entire life I think to a fault."

The Spring Awakening star continued, "I think I had just this sense of drive that created a lot of blind spots for me in my life."

Lea told Drew that meeting her husband, Zandy Reich, who she married in 2019, and welcoming their 2-year-old son Ever, changed her perspective on life.

"It was a real sense of grounding for me," she expressed. "And then having our son and experiencing the challenges that we did throughout the pregnancy was something that unfortunately created a stronger bond in us."

Lea noted, "The fact is we were able to sort of get through all of that and then it transformed us into this new life here."

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The Glee alum, who is currently starring as Fanny Brice in the Broadway revival of Funny Girl, said she doesn't take the roles she's been given for granted, adding, "When you're given a great opportunity as I have been with this, which I'm so incredibly grateful for as a performer, as a person, I just feel like what I do now with this is on me and how I handled this."

Lea Michele, Drew

Lea, who has long been vocal about her hopes to star in the Broadway show, is eager to enter stage right as her dream comes to life.

"I am really ready to take all of this on and do a great show every night, but also have fun with my cast and come home and celebrate with my family, which is something I never did before," she explained. "And I am really enjoying being able to open my eyes to everything that's going on around because it is all good and if it's not fun, then why do we do it."

Lea made her debut as Fanny Brice on Sept. 6, after replacing Beanie Feldstein, who ended her run in July.

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