Lawyer Larry H. Parker’s Death Certificate: Official Cause of Death Revealed

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Los Angeles lawyer Larry H. Parker's official cause of death has finally been revealed following his passing at the age of 75.

His death was confirmed by his law firm partner, Ron Beck, and his daughter-in-law. Parker's commercials were iconic in L.A., inspiring portrayals on "Saturday Night Live" and "Breaking Bad."

Larry H. Parker's Official Cause Of Death

'Well Fight For You' Lawyer Larry H. Parker's Death Certificate: Official Cause of Death Revealed

Parker, the renowned attorney recognized for his persistent "we'll fight for you" personal injury advertisements, passed away at the age of 75, as confirmed by his law firm partner, Ron Beck, and his daughter-in-law.

Now, Parker's death certificate, obtained by The Blast, has revealed that the lawyer suffered from "Cardiopulmonary Arrest." According to the National Institute of Health (NIH), this is "the cessation of adequate heart function and respiration and results in death without reversal." The health condition is reportedly found in people with coronary artery disease.

Larry H. Parker's Death Certificate: Official Cause of Death Revealed
The Blast | Death Certificate

According to the document, Parker also suffered from "Senile Degeneration of the Brain."

Parker's ubiquitous TV commercials and numerous billboards were a staple in L.A. in the 80s and 90s. He pledged to advocate for clients in various cases, from car accidents to wrongful death.

The attorney also often enlisted local celebrities, like former Dodgers manager Tommy Lasorda, to endorse his services, emphasizing his commitment to clients' interests with the catchphrase "We'll fight for you."

Larry H. Parker's Southern California Reportedly The Top Accident Law Firm, With a 95% Success Rate

'Well Fight For You' Lawyer Larry H. Parker's Death Certificate: Official Cause of Death Revealed

Parker established his Long Beach-based law practice in 1974, and his advertisements from the '80s are still accessible on platforms like YouTube. His commercials were a staple on L.A. TV, even inspiring portrayals by comedians like Phil Hartman on "Saturday Night Live," who humorously advocated suing for "bystander trauma."

Similarly, Bob Odenkirk's character, Saul Goodman, in "Breaking Bad" was likened to the attorney, earning him the moniker "the Larry H. Parker of Albuquerque."

According to the company's official site, the Law Offices of Larry H. Parker is Southern California's top automobile accident law firm.

For over five decades, it has secured $2 billion in compensation and has a remarkable 95% success rate. With over 150 legal professionals and support staff, the firm operates offices across California, serving clients from Alhambra to Woodland Hills.

The Late Lawyer Was A Staunch Advocate For Justice

On the company's website, Parker was described as more than just a personal injury attorney but also as a staunch advocate for justice.

"From the opening of The Law Offices of Larry H. Parker in 1974, Larry has been the driving force behind our commitment to fighting for our clients with unwavering compassion, dedication, and integrity," the profile read.

It continued, "He has had a profound impact, not just on our firm, but the legal community as a whole."

He Became A Personal Injury Lawyer When He Saw People 'Abused In The Legal System'

The website also shared a personal statement from Parker, who revealed that he became a personal injury lawyer after witnessing "people being abused in the legal system by the insurers, the employers, the corporations with endless resources."

"We could see the average man or woman needed someone on their side who understood the system and knew how to fight back, and that's been our mission since day one. We like to think we've helped level the playing field," he explained.

Following his passing, the law firm, under the guidance of Beck, Parker's partner of over three decades, remains committed to carrying forward his legacy as they persist in fighting for clients' rights, honoring Parker's enduring mission.

Social Media Users Share Nostalgic Memories Of Larry H. Parker

In the wake of his passing, social media overflowed with heartfelt tributes to Parker, evoking nostalgic memories of his iconic commercials. One user fondly reminisced, "Us Southern Californians who grew up in the 80's-90s watching TV from Ducktales to Dragon Ball Z will always remember Larry H. Parker's commercials where he's ready to fight for us. RIP to another legend."

Another commenter expressed the impact of Parker's presence in Los Angeles, lamenting, "Man, this one hurts. He was a staple of daytime commercials in Los Angeles. I just drove by a bunch of his billboards. RIP, legend. I still yell, 'We'll fight for you,' sometimes, to mixed reactions."

Reflecting on Parker's widespread influence, a third individual remarked, "This man was an institution in the LA/OC area, truly. Everyone from around here knows the name Larry H. Parker."

"Awhhh.  Larry H. Parker passed away. Guess he's fighting for YOU up in heaven now," another user chimed.