Lawson Hull Previews ‘Mountain Days’ EP With New Single, ‘Leaving’

Lawson Hull Previews 'Mountain Days' EP With New Single, 'Leaving'
Lawson Hull Previews 'Mountain Days' EP With New Single, 'Leaving'

Newcastle singer-songwriter Lawson Hull has previewed his forthcoming EP, Mountain Days, with the new single ‘Leaving’. Following last month’s ‘Wanna Be With You’ and July’s Hein Cooper collaboration ‘Maze’, ‘Leaving’ is an acoustic-based cut in which Hull attempts to clear the air following the end of a long-term relationship.

“It calls back to a past life that inevitably needed some resolving,” Hull said in a statement. “Breakups can unfold in the weirdest of ways and you don’t necessarily process the breakdown of the relationship in a linear way. It’s sporadic and a bit of a puzzle that makes sense over time.”

Lawson Hull – ‘Leaving’

‘Leaving’ makes reference to some infidelity in Hull’s past relationship. “[Cheating] insanely sucks but over time you allow yourself to get a little sarcastic and light-hearted,” Hull said. “It’s funny because the person cheats on you, breaks up with you, but still cries to you as if it’s hard for them – which, looking back, I’m sure it actually was. That’s why the chorus goes, ‘Find yourself a reason to be crying when I’m leaving.'”

‘Leaving’ will feature on Lawson Hull’s upcoming EP, Mountain Days, which is due for release on Friday, 10th February. There’s one more single to come in the new year.

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