The 'Law & Order' Finale Fails to Explain Camryn Manheim's Exit

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Tess Goldwyn

The Law & Order Season 23 finale was a real family affair for DA Nick Baxter (Tony Goldwyn). At an event celebrating his campaign for District Attorney, a famous baseball player was suddenly shot dead, but video footage suggested the shooter was actually aiming for Baxter. When the case became tough to try because it was unclear who the intended target actually was, Baxter felt forced to turn to his daughter, Carrie, played by Goldwyn's real-life daughter Tess Goldwyn. When Carrie saw a photo of the suspected shooter, she recognized him as a guy who had been skulking around her parents' home, asking who lived there. Her testimony was vital to the case, but could be damaging for Baxter's campaign because obviously, the defense would dig into her past and use whatever they could to discredit both her and her father.

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Will DA Nick Baxter get re-elected?

Carrie had previously been arrested for drunk driving after an accident where a person was seriously injured. Her charges were reduced and eventually lessened to basically nothing, thanks to her father's influence. Why would anyone elect a DA who couldn't be trusted?

Baxter gave a good line to the press about how he won't apologize for caring about his daughter's future, but the episode ended on a cliffhanger, as the votes in the DA election were too close to call. And that's it!

But ... but ... but ... what happened to Dixon?

There was no goodbye for Dixon (Camryn Manheim), who won't be returning for Season 24, and no mention of her departure. But now we know a whole lot more about Baxter. It seems as if the new DA—assuming he stays the DA—will continue to play a pivotal role in the show going forward. His daughter is also studying law, and based on her performance in this episode, it wouldn't be shocking to see a whole lot more of her going forward. We're also in for a new lieutenant after Dixon leaves, so maybe Law & Order is about to get another much needed shakeup.

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