Laurent Of Les Twins Responds To Allegations That He Fathered 37 Children: “Go Find Another Target”

One member of Les Twins was accused of fathering and abandoning 37 children by a woman on TikTok. Laurent Bourgeois of the famed dance duo has since addressed said rumors.

In an Instagram Live held on Sunday (Nov. 5), Laurent called the allegations “ridiculous,” and urged the accuser to “go find another target.”

The 34-year-old stated, “My image is way too clean… and if you find my 37 kids, tell them I love them so much. If they need a daddy, I’m here.”

Elsewhere in the Live, Laurent expressed, “Give me the baby mama’s names. Where they at? I wanna see the babies. I wanna see what they look like, but I need you guys to understand — let’s do 10 babies. That’s a lot! 37?!… You guys are crazy. This is where I realized the world is nuts. Now, I understand why people and big artists talk less online.”

The French dancer noted, “I’m gonna let people ‘blah blah’ as much as they want to because I love my life so much and guess what? With or without the crazy things you guys said, my life would not change at all. At all. Not even a second. I’m doing so good. But can you come back with something true? Something I care about.”

Separately, Laurent posted a video from Beyoncé’s Renaissance World Tour on his Stories with him and his “children” before showing the world how he decompresses with the help of a yacht and screaming into the abyss.

The woman who sparked the controversy is reportedly pregnant by one of the twins and doesn’t know which one because the men — being identical twins — allegedly switch places while dating and sleeping with multiple women. The other half of Les Twins, Larry Bourgeois, has not made a public statement regarding the rumors.

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