Lauren Jauregui’s ‘Trust Issues’ Is a Poignant ‘Ode to Potential Lovers’

Lauren Jauregui - Credit: Gretzky*
Lauren Jauregui - Credit: Gretzky*

Lauren Jauregui is thinking of what could’ve been. On Friday, the Prelude singer released her single “Trust Issues,” about opting to say goodbye before hurting someone she loves. Jauregui premiered the music video with Rolling Stone.

“‘Trust Issues’ is an ode to potential lovers,” she says. “I wrote it at a point in my life where I wasn’t healed enough to be getting into a new relationship seriously, so ‘Trust Issue’ is a warning.”

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The video picks up as she concludes her live performance of “Always Love,” her previous single. It shows the singer writing and recording “Trust Issues” in the studio as the camera offers close-ups of her as she sings about avoiding the heartbreak.

“I’ve got trust issues and I know we all do/But I think I’m too wounded, darlin’, and that ain’t fair to you,” she sings in the powerful chorus. “I’m tired of being used and maybe that ain’t you/But I can’t take the chance when I’m damaged.”

Jauregui says the video is about breaking the fourth wall, and allowing herself to be vulnerable.

“I love the simplicity of it and we decided to shoot it the same day as a real shoot,” she says of the visuals. “I am a big fan of mixing digital and film so we had the super 8 floating around that day to capture some intense, intimate moments.”

“Trust Issues” is the first stage of a new chapter for Jauregui. It’s her first song release of the year and follows her single “Always Love” and sapphic collaboration with Snow Tha Product, “Piña.” She dropped her EP Prelude in 2021.

“This next era is really about growth and honesty. I can’t wait for everyone to hear these next records, I have been holding on to them and now I finally want to release them,” she says. “‘Trust Issues’ is one of my favorites of all of them.”

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