Lauren Graham Shares Rare Insight on Life After “Sad” Peter Krause Breakup

Lauren Graham is letting time heal her broken heart.

The Gilmore Girls alum reflected on the end of her decadelong relationship with Peter Krause in 2021, sharing the mindset she's used as she moves forward.

"I knew I was resilient because I just always have been," Graham told People in an interview published Nov. 2. "You take your knocks and don't complain. That's how I was always raised."

The Mighty Ducks: Game Changers star said that she refused to let the breakup ruin her, so she threw herself into writing her forthcoming book, Have I Told You This Already? Stories I Don't Want to Forget to Remember.

"Somewhere in that is a year like this where I just was not going to let [the breakup] flatten me," she said. "I was like, 'Okay, well, look at all the good stuff I have, and look at all the good times,' and 'I'm going to write this book.' Thank goodness I have these outlets and these stories to tell."

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After the breakup, Graham returned to Los Angeles to focus on her work. And though she is in a better place, the New York Times best-selling author said the split is "still just a shame," adding, "It's just sad to me."

While the actress didn't reveal too many details about why they called it quits, she did note that they weren't on the same page. "I didn't maybe ask some fundamental questions about 'What are your values and what do you envision?' and those more grown-up things," she explained. "And then they just caught up with us."

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Graham, 55, and Krause, 57, first met as guest stars on the '90s show Caroline in the City. However, their friendship didn't blossom into a romantic one until 2010, when they began co-starring in the hit series Parenthood as siblings.

Over the years, Graham and the 9-1-1 actor kept their romance largely out of the public eye, making rare appearances like at 2020 Golden Globes, which was their last public event together.

Parenthood's Lauren Graham and Peter Krause Break Up After More Than 10 Years Together

And though things didn't go as planned with Krause, Graham said she is open to finding love again—just not anytime soon.

"I'm in a rare position where I'm so thankful and I don't even know what else I would want. I got more than I ever thought," she told People. "So now it becomes, how can I be a good citizen of the world and enjoy life? And who's going to be the fun person to do that with?"