Latto Says Megan Thee Stallion Is “Making Us Proud” Amid Nicki Minaj Feud

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Latto has shown love to Megan Thee Stallion for her recent “Hiss” track, which brought on a plethora of fiery responses from Nicki Minaj.

While the Houston Hottie has remained rather silent on the drama tip, she’s been sharing news about her song, as well as showing gratitude for its success. Thee Stallion thanked her supporters via Instagram on Wednesday (Jan. 31), receiving a ton of responses from fans, including Latto.

“Hotties I really really love and appreciate everything. KEEP RUNNING UP #HISS EVERYWHEREE,” she captioned a clip of its music video. The “Big Energy” rapper commented, “U making us proud Meg [starstruck emoji].”

See below.

Ironically, Latto and Minaj had their own fallout in 2022 over Grammy categories, when the “Big Foot” icon called out the Recording Academy for considering her hit Rick James-sampled single, “Super Freaky Girl” as pop instead of Rap.

However, Latto’s “Fantasy”-sampled track, “Big Energy,” was allegedly considered eligible for an unspecified Rap category.

The two went back and forth over the topic, leading Minaj to call Latto a “scratch off” and “Karen,” and the 777 rhymer dubbing Minaj as an “old freaky grandma” and a “bully.” Minaj also exposed DMs from Latto asking her for a feature, as the Atlanta star also shared recorded phone conversations between them.

More recently, some have accused Minaj of subbing Latto on her Pink Friday 2 track, “Fallin 4 U.”

On the song, the Queens MC boasts about her status in Hip-Hop and her influential career. One stanza in particular had listeners questioning if she mentioned Latto‘s name, was saying “locs h*e,” or if it was intended as a double entendre.

The bars in question read as follows:

Picture you endin’ up under the sea where the dread at
Picture not listenin’ when I said you would dread that
I mean locs, ho, you’s-you’s a chop ho
I’m number one, y’all go argue over top four
Clean sweep, you gettin’ mopped, ho

Many pointed out that the phrase “locs hoe” obviously sounds like “Latto” and was a reference to Chlöe Bailey correcting Latto during their Apple Music interview when she referred to locs as dreads. The “under the sea where the dread at” line supports this assumption, as it refers to Chlöe’s sister, Hailey Bailey (who also has locs), starring in The Little Mermaid.

The ending bar of “Clean, sweep, you getting mopped, ho” is also thought to be a reference to Latto’s “Put It On The Floor.”

Judge for yourself below.

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