Latto Releases “P*ssy” Single and Video, Claps Back at Critics Claiming She’s Capitalizing on Roe v. Wade Fallout

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Not long after dropping her second studio album 777 earlier this year, Latto has returned with the hard-hitting new track and cat-filled video “Pussy.”

The “Pussy” visual sees the rapper surrounded by some adorable cats, and was co-directed by Sara Lacombe and Latto. She announced the track earlier this week alongside a promo that showed footage from protests following the overturning of Roe v. Wade, making it clear the song was inspired by Latto’s frustration at the Supreme Court’s decision to restrict reproductive rights.

“My ovaries ain’t for you to bully!!!!” the 23-year-old wrote, previewing what would end up being a lyric.

Latto has taken on criticism from those accusing her of “capitalizing” on a human rights issue to promote her work. With a portion of proceeds from the track going directly to Planned Parenthood, the artist decided to silence her critics in a series of tweets. “Lmao y’all hear ‘pussy’ and get ur panties in a bunch. This song is about empowering women & roe v wade but proceed,” she said in response to one user.

“Using serious issues to promote your song is wild,” wrote another. Latto replied with a quote-tweet saying, “Orrrr I took my frustrations to the booth like a RAPPER & using my platform to spread awareness,” she wrote.

Yet another user accused her of using the movement to “profit,” which prompted Latto to reiterate she’s donating proceeds. “I actually am donating proceeds.. Yall be the same ones saying ‘why u gotta post everything’ if I do & assume I’m not doing it if I don’t post it lol however I AM using my power (platform) to make a change regardless shut yo fake woke ass up what are YOU doing???” she continued. “Y’all complain about female rap lacking substance but then say I’m “capitalizing” when I speak on shit 🧐🧐🤨🤨🤨 help me understand???”

Check out the video for “Pussy” above or stream it here via Spotify:

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