Late Night Shows Have Field Day With Bill O’Reilly’s Firing From Fox News

On Wednesday it was announced that Bill O’Reilly will not be returning to his cable news rating giant, The O’Reilly Factor, after a series of sexual harassment allegations and lawsuits were made public. Naturally, every late night talk show had jokes lined up for when Fox News ultimately issued his pink slip. As James Corden jabbed on The Late Late Show, “Fox News had no choice. They have a very strict ‘28 strikes and you’re out’ policy.”

According to the New York Times, Fox News, parent company 21st Century Fox, and O’Reilly had earlier reached settlements with five women that totaled about $13 million. As Conan O’Brien put it, “The head of Fox News said there’s only one place for an angry old guy that demeans women, and that’s the White House.”

The firing wasn’t a surprise for many; both O’Reilly and former Fox News president Roger Ailes have made headlines for these allegations. “We all saw this coming at us, you know, like an old man cornering an intern in the break room,” offered Stephen Colbert on The Late Show. The show even dug up O’Reilly’s biggest fan, conservative pundit “Stephen Colbert” from The Colbert Report, to extend an olive branch and invite the former Fox News host to come live with him and Jon Stewart in a mountain cabin animal sanctuary. “Jon and I milk the goats,” the Colbert Report Colbert explained. “And soon, I hope, we’ll be milking you.”

Bill O'Reilly and Jon Stewart go head-to-head on Comedy Central's 'The Daily Show' (Ohoto: Conrad Mulcahy / © Comedy Central / Courtesy: Everett Collection)
Bill O’Reilly and Jon Stewart go head-to-head on Comedy Central’s The Daily Show. (Photo: Conrad Mulcahy / © Comedy Central / Courtesy: Everett Collection)

And The Daily Show’s Trevor Noah said goodbye to O’Reilly with a touching tribute to Bill and one of his favorite expressions, “jazz,” which in O’Reilly-speak means something akin to “pulling one’s leg.”

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